A criminal case was brought against Can Yaman

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After returning from the army, the career of Can Yaman clearly began to improve. Producer Faruk Turgut has already begun to prepare a new series for him. However, the new scandal can put an end to the hopes of fans. What happened?

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Blah blah blah...whatever it is we still stands for Can Yaman..stupid that girl lol

Author — karren faderogao


Oh please give me a break, the Turkish media is a huge a joke. This woman wants her 5 minutes of fame

Author — eileen eicw


Really needs a better bodyguard . Putting his career in Jeopardy . Sorry he has to go through this I’m sure his attorneys will handle it.

Author — andrealeal269


Someone who hates you normally, hates you for one of three reasons. They either see you as a threat, they hate themselves, or they want to be you !😏🤔

Author — Mariet Bampachanlou


So she fondles him and nothingis done. I seriously think nothing like this happened. A pack of lives developed by people whi do not like him.

Author — Sherri McGoogan


He is really being prosecuted for his fame. People can be very vindictive.

Author — batoolkukar


God please protect Can Yaman from evil eye. Bless his career and everything that concern him. Amen!

Author — Angel Angel


Actors/actresses don’t owe fans anything except a good performance. Fans don’t have "the right" to selfies/autographs/personal interaction. It’s solely at the discretion of the admired person. By the same token, stars don’t have the right to assault or abuse anyone no matter how big they are, unless its in self defense.

Author — dsign2b


Spechless!!!😑 Canyaman Is very humble & innocent turkish celebrity may Allah protect evil eyes..

Author — Seema Amir Khan


People are in the beliefs that his profession is a public window for abuses. Why he has to endure a woman wanting to touch him to begin with? Artists are human beings who need, as any other person, privacy, respect.

Author — maigualida Lopez


Who pay that woman to create sensationalism falsehood against him...they know his a soft target & vulnerable position in public eyes...time to cut down appearances without good body guards surrounding him...she such a pest...someone paid her to stir up things up..

Author — Mina Cutler


Se me hace que no acepto propuestas indecorosas de alguien en Turquia, por eso quieren dañar su carrera. Upus ups ups😣

Author — L Cabañas


Oh wow here we go again with stupid crap against our baby Can Yaman. They need to leave him alone. The old girls probably drank to much in the first place. Yes he is an Actor but he is also human if he want's his space give it to him, you are not suppose to stalk him to get his attention that is disgusting on her part it is like begging for attention. Then to go to police to file charges what a duecebag

Author — lela Nesbit


This is another precise attack against him. Every time he gets something positive and seems to emerge from the negative situation he is in, they surgically spread a new bad stuff to make him sink again. This is not case, this is surgical planning ! I'm fed up

Author — Guidiana Macchiagodena


Speechless here.... I just feel sorry for can yaman for all this troubles that cause him pain...

Author — Shahanra Abdulaziz


Nunca van a dejar a Can Yaman tranquilo. Parecía hace unos días, que iban a volver a hablar bien de él, pero no, la prensa turca sigue y sigue a sus anchas. No van a parar hasta echarlo del país 😡😡. No soportan su triunfo fuera de Turquía, ni aguantan su buen hacer. Can Yaman es un ser servicial, honrado, humilde y muy buena persona. Ya quisieran muchos ser como él. ¡¡YA ESTÁ BIEN!! 😡😡😬😬

Author — Marta RM


Cuantas cosas mas van a sacar, no me lo creo. Él se ve que no tiene problemas en estar rodeado de sus fans.

Author — arenita5780


Ma cosa a fatto di male sto ragazzo fidati non ai fatto niente coraggio can

Author — Rita Masia


No puedo creer que no lo dejen en Paz, por favor, cuanta envidia pobre Can, ademas justo estaba por empezar su serie, yo lo quiero ver pronto, como creo que todas las que los queremos, VAMOS CAN !!! TE APOYAMOS

Author — monica aguirre


Perché non dite che la ragazza è che a dato fastidio AL SIGNOR CAN YAMAN💕? INVECE DI scrivere criminale dite le cose come stanno dovete scrivere la verità.SEMPRE CON CAN YAMAN💕

Author — Maria Pina