Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

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One man leaves the city life behind to build a cheap off grid log cabin and homestead in the Canadian wilderness, including a log home, an outdoor kitchen, an outhouse, a woodshed and a sauna bathhouse. Building mostly with hand tools, Shawn James harvests building materials from the forests north of Toronto, Canada and crafts them into functional tools and shelters using traditional woodworking tools and methods. He practices bushcraft and survival skills every day, including fire starting, tree identification and harvesting, wild edible foraging, fishing, hunting, camping in the summer and winter, travelling by canoe and snowshoe, navigation and water collection and purification.
Continue watching in 2019 as Shawn finishes the sauna, plants a forest garden for fruit and vegetables, builds an underground root cellar, ice house and cheese cave, a timber frame workshop and a remote hunt camp closer to fish and game.
“Home”, by Simon-Alexander

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This is the most enjoyable video that I have ever had the privileged to watch on YouTube. Outstanding!

Author — GunGuyTV


An incredible adventure. I didn't want it to end. :)

Author — Praxxus55712


Thank you for posting these wonderful videos ... truly a profound journey to be part of

Author — The Crude Brothers


The people who dislike this video think the energie grows in the socket.

Author — Yung zebra


May be we"ll live like that to run away from the future governements are making for us.

Author — 123 Soleil


you look pretty slick in the suit tough :)

Author — Survival Lilly


Isso foi uma produção . O cara é profissional em marcenaria



I would love to do this except I lack:

the tools
The skills
the know-how
the discipline
the confidence
I'm not a solitary type

Other than that, it game on

Seriously, tho...this guy is one in a million. Loved the video.

Author — johnny 1600


He’s look like country Singer, i can’t remember willie Nelson or Kenny Rogers 🤔

Author — kulat getah


I put this on TV while eating dinner thinking I'll just have a quick look at what this guy is doing... wife and I ended up watching the whole thing! Amazing!

Author — Tihomir S.


Did I search for this video: no.

Did I watch the whole video: yes.

Author — AntonioCocaine


The pure joy this video had brought me is just insane! Makes me want to just leave the life I have and build and house out in the sticks

Author — Gavin Ross


DEUS me livre de cidades. Tenho pavor. Poluição de todo tipo. Apenas o que não presta. Se ELE permitir, ainda vou morar no mato.

Author — Tonico Amaral


C'est un Grand Ingénieur Constructeur....et la Nature est magnifique....

Author — Le Parfait Professionnel


2020 = NO trees anymore in that area...! :-)

Author — en07


watching this gave me a midlife crisis and i’m only 23

Author — Bofa Deez



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So? Who is He? He is Jesus!

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Adoro esses vídeos, adoro essas lindas imagens sonho em estar nesse lugar tranquilamente, adoro a inteligência e a cultura deles, foram educados p saber fazer de tudo um pouco, passo o tempo vendo essas imagens, pois agrada aos olhos e dá uma sensação de bem estar

Author — Elisangela Rodrigues


Quem acha que falta uma rainha nesse palácio ? Da um like

Author — valdair bitencourt


Im pretty convinced this is how man was supposed to live, not glued to a screen for 18 hours a day..

Author — P Joan