Boxing Day Tsunami 2004 Indonesia | Full Documentary

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Hello. There is another episode of our Boxing Day Tsunami series, which tells of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004. In this episode, we will show the effects of the devastating tsunami in Indonesia. Here, the wave hit hard and claimed many lives and property damage. Unfortunately, there are not many video recordings from this area, but we are trying to describe the event as accurately as possible. The purpose of the video is to educate the viewer, remind this event, and explain the behavior of the tsunami, near the epicenter of the earthquake. Thank you for your feedback.

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Author — TOP Topics


Survived this disaster but lost more than 30 relatives. Till today some of their bodies are still missing- 16 years passed, but memory stays.

Author — dazzling wave


And also to compare the strength of the tsunami it brought a big container ship all the way to the middle of aceh

Author — nayaka Arkana.R


It's 2019 & this still saddens me.

Author — Meryl Wade


Hey Im still havin tears while watchin this even its 2020 already :(

Author — Joel C. Torrente


I'm the victim of the tsunami in palu & its still hurt me much more 😥😥😥...
#saya dari india 🇮🇳 nd cinta Indonesia 🇮🇩 ❤️

Author — thanoos soul


I remember this day. My uncle and aunt live there along with my two cousins. When the earthquake came, we're in the middle of phone and suddenly the connection run out. I was 10 years old that day. I don't get it why my father freaked out and crying when he got a news about the big earthquake, follow by tsunami. Our relatives in Medan, nearest place from there still couldn't go in to reach my uncle family. A weeks after, we finally got the news that all of them are survived. My uncle has the fastest reaction because he drags his family to the highest place as soon as he found out the sea turns drained.

Author — Cookeats ASMR


I still remember when my grandma tells story about this since she's also a survivor
Even after now, 2004 Tsunami still felt heavy

Author — Shirouki


I remembered this day... my tv was already on CNN... there was a baby which was found on a mattress bed.. I was pregnant at the time.. I cried and prayed and cried even harder when I heard the baby girl survive through all not only my heart still hurts but I’m still saddened by this... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Shannon Greene


It was so tragic because when earthquake come people are come out because they scared of the destroyer building.but after that tsunami come. Can't imagine how was that because all of them not have any experienced about tsunami before so some people even come near beach before tsunami come..
The situation it was like the world end, we can see people die every where...

Author — QUEEN E


I have seen many documentary videos abt tsunami 2004...so far this is the best and short but compact..full of info and footage needed...very well documented! Rip to those who died on that day🙁🤲🏻😭

Author — Ahmad Fikree


Hello. I am from Indonesia.
Aceh tsunami December 26, 2004 was the worst disaster in the history of my country. Also, even the entire coast of the Hindian Ocean was affected.
I hope this won't happen again. I'm impressed by the documentation. Thanks.

Halo. Saya dari Indonesia. Tsunami Aceh 26 Desember 2004 bencana terparah dalam sejarah negara saya. Juga, seluruh pantai di Samudra Hindia  terkena dampaknya. Saya harap ini tidak akan terjadi lagi. Saya kagum atas dokumentasinya. Terima kasih.

Author — Night Raven 14606


I’ve watched e4very video I Have been able to discover on this monster, From December 26, 2004

Author — conqururfear


Thank you for making these documentaries. Very well put together. And I really love the music selection — it’s perfect

Author — S D


What do they say...when the sea recedes run like hell away from it.

Author — Phoebe Jones


I assume it’s all factual, I really appreciate the break down and locations with maps. Thank you, solid research.

Author — GurnakeDaSnakeMon


I’m wondering how come the islanders knew of the tradition of the sea receding etc but others didn’t elsewhere.

Author — Jenny Chapman


If a near identical event happened in the late 2010s- early 2020s, I bet there would be tons of good ( and sad) videos of the waves at nearly every major location impact

Author — Ben Small


As I watch these happen, I just think along time ago there was none of this on this planet. So it just amazes me to think how far we've come with this stuff such as materials that were invented and created by people. And then after these terrible things happen, where does all of the destruction go ??

Author — Dennis Andry


One of the most serious natural disasters of the last one hundred years with more than a quarter of a milion fatalaties worldwide.
The next one will follow. The question is not IF, the question is WHEN.

Author — Blau Bär