Zakharova:The Kurds Are in Big Trouble, They Actually Believed Uncle Sam’s Promises

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The operation of Turkey against the Kurds started in the north of the country. The Turks are solving their problems. They’re of such a nature that the UN Security Council, gathered at the initiative of France, limited itself to consultations on this issue.

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Answer: the Americans could promise and then abandon at the last moment because that is what they always do, that is their tactic and strategy. Bullies that you cannot trust thus.

Author — Bertil Sigfrid


Again we get common sense and reason from Russia and double speak and bombs from Isreal and the American Kurdish province with a media bias that blinds the west

Author — Sub to Imtoxic


Russia unlike the West, the UN, the US has opened the doors to a much needed conference between all peoples involved in the current situation around Syria. Why isn't the rest of the world happy to have a peaceful resolution?

Author — Boris Usachov


They actually said that the Russians “betrayed” them?
We told them that if you pick the Americans, you betray the Russians and you’re on your own.

Author — The Black Hundreds


Maria, You are making a difference.
Through your work at making available the information of whats going on right from the highest sources is priceless.
Its appreciated here.

Author — Bob P


That's sad, I'm AMERICAN and i don't trust uncle sam

Author — Dr. K


+-+ Stoj da Wara tak Kurda niemski grada Russia

Author — Janine`s Live Channel


Absolutely gorgeous and smart as they come, the kind of woman you don't find in any corner and when you find one you're a mad man if you let her go away...

Author — Franco Barone


Find the weakest leaders, and bribe them to accept worthless promises - works every time.

Author — fridgemagnett


Something for nothing, if you have any gullibility, it will get you every time.

Author — John Ellis


Wonderful exchange at 5:20... "You repeat the position of the Ministry of Defense." To which Mme Zakharova replies... "Yes, which isn't surprising." Ahhh... Consistency in governance. Would that the West had such accomplishments; certainly in US policy.

Author — Byron King


International wheeling and dealing has used the Kurds as Whipping Boys many times. The American Indians, thrown under the bus many times, had a saying." Pale face speaks with forked tongue", speaking of the Great White Fathers in Washington, who were as trustworthy as snakes.

Author — winston smith


Nobody would believe the things I have learned and the level of political discourse on YouTube. Thanks for posting this.

Author — coreycox2345


Russia used to help the Kurds but now the US does I really don't understand it all. Russia should never be a friend of Turkey

Author — Fuscar Snabular


Russian soldiers withdrow from their bases in the Afrin 1 days ago before the Turkish invation started. They opened Afrin air space to Turkish Air Forces and gave them imformation about Kurdish Fighter's military positions. Russia never invited any Kurds to Sochi! She is lying.

Author — Engin Savaş


Zhakarova looks like a concentration camp guard

Author — Renee Giese


Every person with some intellect knew from the start of the conflict that Russia aswell as the US would not go to war with Turkey over the formation of a Kurdish state. Turkey doesnt want it. And Turkey, and/or the geographical-strategic location is much more important than the Kurds. Its harsh and unfair, but thats the way it is.

Kurds would have been better of to form a small region, away from Turkey and turn into a none threat (which means no ties at all with Kurds in Turkey or elsewhere) . Then maybe, just maybe Turkey would have let it be and in time it might get some status. The territory it has now is way too large and bordering Turkey.

Best they can do at this point is retreat to such a small region; get the press on their side; document as much as possible and share it with the world. Fighting Turkey is useless.
Sorry bout this and i wish you the best, but you have to be realistic.

Author — Jack Jones


campaign of mass repressions officially started as retribution for the assassination (17 August 1918) of Petrograd Cheka leader Moisei Uritsky by Leonid Kannegisser and for the attempted assassination (30 August 1918) of Lenin by Fanni Kaplan. While recovering from his wounds, Lenin instructed: "It is necessary – secretly and urgently to prepare the terror".[11] Even before the assassinations, Lenin had sent telegrams "to introduce mass terror" in Nizhny Novgorod in response to a suspected civilian uprising there, and to "crush" landowners in Penza who resisted, sometimes violently, the requisitioning of their grain by military detachments:[2]

"Comrades! The kulak uprising in your five districts must be crushed without pity ... You must make example of these people. (1) Hang (I mean hang publicly, so that people see it) at least 100 kulaks, rich bastards, and known bloodsuckers. (2) Publish their names. (3) Seize all their grain. (4) Single out the hostages per my instructions in yesterday's telegram. Do all this so that for miles around people see it all, understand it, tremble, and tell themselves that we are killing the bloodthirsty kulaks and that we will continue to do so ... Yours, Lenin. P.S. Find tougher people."

The Bolshevik communist government executed five hundred "representatives of overthrown classes" immediately after the assassination of Uritsky.[3][need quotation to verify]

The first official announcement of a Red Terror, published in Izvestiya, "Appeal to the Working Class" on 3 September 1918, called for the workers to "crush massive terror! ... anyone who dares to spread the slightest rumor against the Soviet regime will be arrested immediately and sent to concentration camp".[2] There followed the decree "On Red Terror", issued on 5 September 1918 by the Cheka. On 15 October, the leading Chekist Gleb Bokii, summing up the officially ended Red Terror, reported that in Petrograd 800 alleged enemies had been shot and another 6, 229 imprisoned.[11] Casualties in the first two months were between 10, 000 and 15, 000 based on lists of summarily executed people published in newspaper Cheka Weekly and other official press. A declaration About the Red Terror by the Sovnarkom on 5 September 1918 stated:

...that for empowering the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission in the fight with the counter-revolution, profiteering and corruption and making it more methodical, it is necessary to direct there possibly bigger number of the responsible party comrades, that it is necessary to secure the Soviet Republic from the class enemies by way of isolating them in concentration camps, that all people are to be executed by fire squad who are connected with the White Guardorganizations, conspiracies and mutinies, that it is necessary to publicize the names of the executed as well as the reasons of applying to them that measure.[12][13][14][15]

As the Russian Civil War progressed, significant numbers of prisoners, suspects and hostages were executed because they belonged to the "possessing classes". Numbers are recorded for cities occupied by the Bolsheviks:

In Kharkov there were between 2, 000 and 3, 000 executions in February–June 1919, and another 1, 000–2, 000 when the town was taken again in December of that year; in Rostov-on-Don, approximately 1, 000 in January 1920; in Odessa, 2, 200 in May–August 1919, then 1, 500–3, 000 between February 1920 and February 1921; in Kiev, at least 3, 000 in February–August 1919; in Ekaterinodar, at least 3, 000 between August 1920 and February 1921; In Armavir, a small town in Kuban, between 2, 000 and 3, 000 in August–October 1920. The list could go on and on.[16]

In the Crimea,  Béla Kun and Rosalia Zemlyachka, with Vladimir Lenin's approval, [17] had 50, 000 Whiteprisoners of war and civilians summarily executed via shooting or hanging after the defeat of general Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel at the end of 1920. They had been promised amnesty if they would surrender.[18]This is one of the largest massacres in the Civil War.

Author — Roger didit


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Author — Μιχαλης Επιφανης


Brush your mouth. Russia supports democracy 30% WELL WELL We know RUSSIAS version of democrazy

Author — Nisse Karlsson