Hurricane Dorian tears through parts of the Bahamas

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The powerful Category 5 storm has hit the area with relentless rain and damaging wind.

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Oh no the lady with the baby, I hope she got help😭

Author — Dee Scott


The reporter shouldn't be standing in front of that glass window... Please God. May that woman and her baby be safe!!!

Author — Madeline Schultz


Please pray for my husband's aunt, she lives in the Bahamas. Last spoke to her 3 hours ago, then lost touch. Her name is Shirley, please pray God's protection over her

Author — MangaArtA


2Nd strongest storm recorded in Atlantic. Jesus.

Author — Antonio Ortiz


I hope that these news people gets well paid 😱

Author — Ana Fragata


I am from the Caribbean I know what a hurricane can do my prayers goes out to each and everyone of u

Author — Beauty Lisa


Trying to ride out this storm, is crazy. Get out while you can.

Author — Nathaniel Anderson


Send those billion dollar Cruse Ships to Save/Help These People!! IT'S 2019, WE CAN DO BETTER TO HELP EACH OTHER!!

Author — Phil Bake


That eerie noise when you’re bunkered down inside is something you can never forget. Those who’ve been through hurricanes and tornadoes know exactly what I mean. Stay safe Bahamas!

Author — Royal Caymanian


Dear news organizations: we _don't need to see your reporters standing outside in hurricane force winds_. It looks stupid.

Author — John Harrington


Puerto Rico is with ya and prayers are on the way may God protect does who stay behind



Strongest storm ever recorded - ✔
Winds nearing 200mph - ✔

Your average Floridan at 2:04 calmly explains: "Eh, It's a little scary"

Author — randomperson63758


My mom seen the lady with the baby and cried and I did too

Author — Yungeen. Aj


Most of y’all probably never been thru a hurricane trying to give advice to leave 😂

Author — G V


Damn thats sad when they begging 4 prayers and help

Author — Sol


The reporter standing out there in all that I thought he was going to get blown away. Hopefully the love of Journalism and Truth for the worlds knowledge doesn't get that man killed. 💔🙏Stay safe.

Author — Beverly Collins


Bahamas so sorry for the suffering. Barbados get on your knees and thank God. We were spared again.

Author — Sophia Lewis


A category # 5 is insane ! Thrashed the 🇧🇸 ! Clear out on the 🇺🇸 coast.

Author — David Ellis


The most dangerous part of the hurricane is the aftermath. Dangerous flooding and lines dwn

Author — Doris Crumpton


You are brave reporters: God Bless You and all...

Author — Savy Brown