Tsunami in Kesennuma city, ascending the Okawa river

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The 311 tsunami in Kesennuma city in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

In this video, you can see how the tsunami first ascends the Okawa river in Kesennuma city, and then spills over the embankment, flooding the town. Debris and buildings nearer to the harbor are carried further inlands.
The mouth of the river is nearly two kilometres away from the location from which the video was shot.

00:10 - The tsunami's wave trough, which was arriving first, has drained the river
01:45 - The tsunami's first wave is appearing and steadily ascending the river, probably a couple of metres high
05:00 - While the wand of water rushes by, smoke appears over the harbor - the tsunami's moving inland by now
05:45 - The water is rising steadily and the people recognize the danger. A police or civil defense man urges all people to evacuate to the school building behind because the tsunami has overcome the harbor's seawalls. He keeps warning the community using a loudspeaker
07:00 - The cameraman enters the school's emergency staircase just in time. While still climbing, the water behind him overcomes the river's embankment and flows onto the school grounds
08:15 - A large wave of debris can be seen approaching from the harbor, simultaneously, the tsunami smashes the passenger bridge next to the school to pieces
09:30 - Large debris, buildings and such arrive at the school. The flooding intensifies. During the next ten minutes, the school ground is flooded with debris and water.
19:15 - The tsunami stops and starts receding. The following shots are filmed at different times and show the large fire which further devastated the harbor and more (but considerably smaller) waves coming in, hours after the first (since it's nearly dark by then).

I didn't shoot this video, it was shot by Mr. Kenichi Kurakami.

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Бедные японцы, переселяйтесь к нам в Сибирь, у нас хорошо, президент отличный и минус 50 зимой.

Author — Kolja Aljabiew


Morava em Kikugawa Shizuoka Ken ouvi muitas vezes essa sirene era assustar o pior poderia acontecer

Author — Carlos Alberto de Oliveira


*If this was a river affected by the Tsunami, l cannot even imagine how scary the ocean front must've been.*

*Rest In Peace to everyone who lost their lives and my biggest respect and condolences to anyone who lost their loved ones, and those all affected by the quake and tsunami.* 😔

Author — Marit


это из разряда-"а не хотите ли там поселиться"...

Author — TheVarfolomey


A natureza tem mais força do que pensamos

Author — Luciana Nascimento


Oh my days, if they stayed 2 minutes longer where they were at the beginning, they would have been dead, no doubt on that. And oh my even whole houses where taken along with the tsunami...

Author — Erika Ly


I remember, we were in gym class, playing football games, then some of us noticed the ground was shaking, like there was some construction going on. It wasn’t. The second quake hit different, the ground was literally moving. We had no idea what that was but clearly something different.
Teachers got information from the radios and TVs. The whole city was hearing the siren then. Students later got information it was a M9 earthquake and were told to stay at the school until our parents picked us up to home.
I stayed until 9PM in the dark classroom with a few people. How traumatic and shocking was it for me and everyone to worry about family and friends besides ourselves. We shared fears, tears but then we remembered to stay together strong no matter what.
Like all of us did, we lost many things and people but we never lost hope,
because of the encouraging voices from all over the world. I’ll always remember the day, and how the universe moved for us.

Author — b


I’m Japanese.I was 8 years old then.
I lived in Tochigi Prefecture where was near from Tohoku area(area in this video).
When I arrived at my house the earthquake happened.
My house and my family’s farms were broken by the big earthquake in an instant.Then our family had to move.

Now I’m 17 years old. My house and my family’s farms had rebuilt.But I have never forget 3.11.
We mustn’t forget about that day’s tragedy.
There's been a lot of earthquakes lately in Japan.
I’m scared of Tokyo Metropolitan Earthquake and Nankai Trough earthquake.
We are fighting COVID-19 around the world now
but I think Japanese people also have to prepare for the earthquake…🤔
Sorry for my bad English😂
I’m a high school student.
I want to try to improve Speaking English…😔

Author — 水野咲楽


Será que nesse país a pessoas que crê em Deus?

Author — Sandra Silva


The Bunny That Is Watching This Her Ears Are Down And Sad ;(

Author — Gladys Paez


As pessoas bem tranquilas eu fugiria para um lugar alto e seguro.

Author — Vanessa Amorim


Me comento que no lo veo muy difícil para Dios que no lo hagan una grave riquezas con igual hermosa a la crisis económica y q no tiene nada demora Dios Perdona

Author — José Coyago


Isso é o conjunto de várias ondas com certeza

Author — Tic tok Coreografias


Tsunamis don't look that bad during the the first few minutes, until hell breaks loose. Movies keep showing you tsunamis as a very high "wave". They're more like a very brutal type of flood.

Author — Corentin OGER


This is an amazing insight into just how quickly and dramatically a tsunami can cause devastation in its wake. Interesting to see how one small fire can spread so fast and you wonder IF they had dropped water onto that fire whether it would have stopped the spread. Which proves a point. We see how no real during or after an event services are deployed, instead its left to run its course and lets clean up / restore after all the damage is done. I would not want to foot the clean up bill on this lot!! It does illustrate just how much rubbish, plastic, wood let alone of course buildings and vehicles end up miles from where they originated. 👀👍

Author — Arthur Danielles


Impressionante as forças da natureza, comandado por Deus.

Author — Joao Rocha


😢😢😢meu deus fico muito triste por vocês. tá pior do que cenário de filme

Author — Ezequias Sousa


Muito assustador. O Brasil é um paraíso

Author — cris tei


So, so sorry for such devastation, the loss of loved ones, friends, Praying for all of you. As of today your still in such needs. May all that have perished Rest in Peace.

Author — Mary H


I was in Japan last year and if any country could come back from something so horrific it is Japan. The people are all hero’s and the bravest I’ve ever met. I hope I can go back some day.

Author — fiona