Only Man Will Find It Funny

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Only Man Will Find It Funny

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"can a woman make you a millionaire, yes if you are a billionaire"

Author — Christopher Morrissey


"only men will find it funny"
Womens has entered the chat

Author — Vixen V.


My husband said " But I'm left handed though"😂🤣😂🤣😂

Author — Lunamaria


Alright, I give up. Where’s the damn necklace?

Author — Conservative Style


Him: "What's bothering you?" Her: " *NOTHING!* " Translation: "It sounds really petty when I say it out loud"

Author — Goondock Saints


6:07 and we all know that's just part 1 of the 20 book series :D

Author — Alukat A


The newlyweds had returned from their honeymoon, and the hubby had just returned that evening from his first day back at work. "Whew, I've had a very busy, tiring day" she complained when he walked in. "I've packed up your scuba gear, your fishing tackle and your golf clubs, and advertised them all on ebay. Now that you're my husband you won't have any more time for all that silly nonsense - on weekends you'll be helping me establish a garden, and taking me shopping." He responded, "Hey, you sound just like my ex-wife!" She shot back, "You deceitful bastard, you never told me that you'd ever been married before!" He defended himself with, "No, I didn't lie to you. I have never ever been married before."

Author — Rodney PLEWRIGHT


That first girl...I've had some good times with her.

Author — Jason Fischer


for my wedding a friend offered me a book called "What Men know about Women" it was 200 blank pages.

Author — chinchenping


wtf dude did you microwave these pics.

Author — 3and0


I’d rather buy tons of vid games instead of new high heals or shit that makes me trip 😂
Haha ok bye

Author — shane Wolf


The background music is so utter grap 😶😶😶

Author — Pratik Pattnaik


Much shorter video if didn't include duplicates/copies/repeats. Just saying.

Author — Sendro Frost


"pay for everything, Buy me everything and treat me like a queen while treating me like an equal"That sums women up perfectly lol .

Author — Mick Williams


All I gotta say is this "Calls all Men Pigs... Complains how Women are Generalized"


lol that's a generalization

Author — Ųňwøřţhý Šøųł


8:22 just try to put out fire with a gasoline, it'll work better! :'D

Author — Finnish Fatman


did anyone notice the category said plants and animals?

Author — JDP Network


i wish they didnt keep repeating photos, 3-4 pics came up more than once, they didnt even push the 10 minute mark, whats the point of fluffing the video?

Author — Luke W


Do you not watch these before you post them, so many of these videos have doubles in them.

Author — Basement Of Operations


Some of these were pretty good and yes they were funny.
But that one at 6:05 informing men that the Book, "Understanding Women"
has finally arrived in book stores was friggin hilarious! I nearly died laughing!

Author — Keeping it reel . . .