Beethoven : Concerto pour piano n°3 ( Alice Sara Ott / Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France)

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Alice Sara Ott interprète le Concerto pour piano et orchestre n°3 en ut mineur, op. 37, de Ludwig van Beethoven aux côtés de l'Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France dirigé par Mikko Franck. Enregistré le 27 janvier 2018 à l'Auditorium de la Maison de la Radio (Paris).

Le Concerto pour piano n°3 de Beethoven est créé à Vienne le 5 avril 1803, le même jour que l’oratorio Le Christ au mont des Oliviers et la Deuxième Symphonie. Ecrit en ut mineur, tonalité chère à son compositeur, il se découpe en trois mouvements. L’Allegro con brio s’ouvre sur une longue page orchestrale avec l’exposition des deux thèmes principaux, ensuite repris par le pianiste. Au cours du développement, un dialogue s’établit entre soliste et orchestre. Le mouvement s’achève par une cadence au piano, inspirée du premier thème.

Au cœur du Largo, les arpèges du piano soutiennent le chant entonné conjointement par la flûte et le basson, empreint de sérénité. Gérard Condé suggère une « transposition musicale de la scène du balcon de Roméo et Juliette ». Enfin, dans le Rondo, orchestre et soliste conversent avec vigueur.
« Il s’agit à coup sûr du premier "grand" concerto beethovénien […], marquant un progrès très sensible dans l’équilibre entre soliste et orchestre, enfin traités en véritables partenaires », remarque François-René Tranchefort.

00:00 - Début du concert
02:14 - 1er mouvement : Allegro con brio
19:35 - 2ème mouvement : Largo
29:19 - 3ème mouvement : Rondo
42:50 - Bis : Für Elise

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Sat right in front of her at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester when she played Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no 1 a few years ago with Vladimir Ashkenazy conducting. Probably the best concert-going experience I've ever had.

Author — Pipster


wunderbar zu sehen und zu hören, was Menschen Schönes können, indem sie zusammen spielen und ihr über lange Zeit entwickeltes Instrumentarium und Talent voll zum Einsatz bringen. RL

Author — Richard Lipp


every sailor carries his bag ...
when he gets on your deck, he will take the sail out of the bag, put it on the mast and catch the wind ....
and your ship like a frigate will sail only in his known or unknown dream worlds ...
the sailor is Albatros ....
you will be able only to be or not to be in his journey into the unknown

Author — Bogusław Dunaj


When a new genius young pianist has just reached her full artistic maturity (at the age of 29) and then meets some of the best music ever written, a moment of pure heaven occurs, without any prior interpretation comparable to such a high standard and which is likely to be maintained forever as the performance has now been elevated to an inaccessible climax of musical Art. Furthermore, this video shows one of the best classical music concerts ever recorded under live conditions. 
Of course, this marvelous and rightly famous Beethoven’s piano concerto No.3 had already been played by many successive generations of very good pianists and excellent orchestras, but almost always in an overly formatted and ‘conventional’ way, ultimately rather boring : here, an extraordinary magic has totally renewed the pianistic part of this concerto, in all its technical aspects and artistic nuances, as if a new joyful concerto by Beethoven had just been discovered, thanks to this highly inspired young artist. 
The Radio France Symphony Orchestra conducted in Paris by Mikko Franck (a world famous Finnish Conductor) was equally sublime that day, with perfect harmony and synchronization between the pianist and the other musicians throughout the concert, all participants sharing and visibly enjoying an outstanding moment of intense pleasure (16:32; 33:34). 
In addition, the high quality of the recordings (in HD) and a skillful filming of this breathtaking concert allow us to instantly realize and then contemplate how PHENOMENAL Alice Sara Ott is, with her incomparable piano touch and virtuosity (17:04; 37:32), her unparalleled sensitivity (19:35; 21:50; 26:57; 34:16), her total communion with the music of Beethoven (5:13; 20:38), reflected by her astonishing frequent murmur of musical notes (10:46; 11:55; 31:41; 32:42; 35:08), and also her communicative joy (26:00), her so expressive and fascinating visual dialogue with the other soloists of the orchestra (24:16!) and the Conductor (11:01; 14:46; 29:55; 32:26), often literally captivated by her performance, and, last but not least, her indescribable charm and grace (39:46). 
This extremely rare association that day (in January 2018) of a wonderful concerto, of an exceptionally talented musician, having just arrived at a full technical and artistic mastery and then delivering a transcendent and legendary interpretation, but also of a prestigious orchestra, of a leading conductor, all thus forced to surpass themselves at the same time, and finally of a particularly connoisseur audience and of a truly beautiful concert hall, subtly lit and filmed in the best technical conditions, has resulted in a moment of infinite grace, a life-changing event, which will not happen again but that, fortunately, we can now watch over and over again thanks to this superb movie. The emotions remain intact and even increase after seeing and listening to this concert video a lot of times, due to the discovery of countless enjoyable details to see and hear, which is not at all usual either.
Masterful interpretation of a masterpiece ! Millions of thanks (5.7, currently) to ALICE SARA OTT, but also to the conductor Mikko Franck, all the players of the Paris Orchestra, 'Radio France', 'France Musique' and YouTube ! Hope so much that she can continue to play at such a heavenly level despite recent serious health issues.

Author — Karl Peter


Maravillosa. Elegante. Eso es tocar con el ALMA. Emocionante. Divina... Bravisimo!!!

Author — Miriam Aragonés Mir


The pianists are always the most interesting people

Author — Amazingme


29:57 - the smile on the face of the piano teacher.

Author — Emre Cinar


No Concerto is complete without some coughing from the audience.. 😉

Author — gregory palamas


She was obviously moved by the music and played as she felt. A glorious, wonderful performance

Author — Michael


how does this end up with over a 1000 dislikes? All the envious pianists that didn't make it?

Author — Burk Prael


in the youth: komm lieber Mai
in the old age: fate knocks at the door

Author — aksi iska


Tanta perfeição reunida e concertada, emociona, eleva e deixa quedos!

Author — Antonio Villas


Alice Sara Ott gets better and better as she matures. She is such a delight to watch, so talented, so graceful. This video excels both for the musical and camera work of Radio France that did a beautiful technical presentation.

Author — david cole


arent we incredibly lucky to hear such beauty, in history to hear something of this wonder you would have to be a king now we can watch a 48 minute masterpiece for free on youtube.

Author — athena


Sara Ott is by far one of the best Beethoven interpreters I have heard. She is full of emotion and the playing comes from the heart.

Author — George Felty


Хорошая музыка, ну моя жена меня не любит.

Author — A Salty Surprise


Não sei qual é. Mais rica, linda entre todas de ( Beethoven) e de arrepiar

Author — Pergentino nesse da silva Nesse


The play has really been a great pleasure to me!

Author — Xanto Ley


I have listened to Beethoven since my teens and now I am 68 years strong. I find new meaning with each listening. But I must make exception in this case.... for a woman not only with incredible skill as a pianist but gives herself away to the spirit of Beethoven by merging herself within the orchestra where she exudes Beethoven as I have never seen and heard before!

Author — Michael B Stewart


Where's the Tech comment I'm looking for

Author — Joshua Wong