Judge Jeanine on her explosive exchange on 'The View'

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After a heated exchange on 'The View,' Judge Jeanine Pirro says co-host Whoopi Goldberg confronted her backstage. The Judge shares her experience on 'Fox & Friends'.

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The view should be taken off the air...

Author — scott marquay


Liberals are just angry people who don't listen to anyone with opposing views.

Author — Dave Erhardt


Woopie is irrelevant, and has been for many years.

Author — Hasty One


They curse, yell at you, talk over you, insult you, then walk off with a smirk like they won some kind of argument 🤔

Author — Horse Lover


Whoopie cannot communicate, she screams, she is a bully, she as no class, she is 62 years old acts like a frustrated teenager

Author — Guy Joly


The different between Whoopi and Judge Jeanine is the judge has class and Whoopi doesn't

Author — KA N


I wonder if whoopi knows the country is "Tired" of her

Author — Me Too


Childish behavior, “don’t agree with me get off the show” How pathetic.

Author — J Johnson


This is the cream of the crop when it comes to despicable human beings !



LOL !! “I’ve never seen anybody whip up such hate.” Whoopi, just look in the mirror and you'll see it again ...

Author — helm2929


The view acts like middle schoolers. Pure hate to anyone that won’t believe what they do. They can’t even have a normal conversation!

Author — shelby Sees


people like Whoopie are the reason Trump will win in a landslide..
Trump 2020

Author — TJS


Id expect nothing less from Whoppie Her stupid no class attitude shines!!

Author — Anthony F


Those crazy liberals ambushed Judge Jeanine. They couldn’t take her down though... she’s all class.

Author — Fifi La Fleur


That show is horrible you can’t have a different “view” hence the name! Judge Janine class act!

Author — Michael Polce


Whoopi Goldberg thinks she is God on "The View".

Author — dttruman


Whoopie....you were verbally abusive toward the judge. Such a low class individual.

Author — Amy Buckwalter


Whoopee knows that if she tries to have a meaningful conversation with you, she will end up looking like a fool. To avoid that she throws a temper tantrum, and walks away.

Author — craig baker


When you're INVITED into someone's home, you should be treated as a guest and with respect. Whoopi invited her there and then attacked her and demanded that she leave. "America is where you have free speech." I'm not so sure anymore.

Author — kevin M.


Whoopie needs to realize she's not in the projects anymore, that's a big black eye 4 the view, her true colors got exposed which is just sad

Author — Robert Trujillo