What Turkey's New Gas Discovery Really Means

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the largest natural gas field discovery in the country's history. But the question remains, how much of this has been exaggerated and to what extent this discovery really is a game changer.

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Turkey : Discovers Gas Field
USA : Seems like you have a terrorist problem.

Author — ᜋᜈᜓᜎᜒᜐᜌ᜔ ᜐ ᜏᜊᜇ᜔


These are just straight up documentaries, for free, absolutely wonderful work Neo

Author — Enderman 183


Turkey's gas : *exists*
America : is for me? 👉🤭👈

Author — RVY MVN


Turkey: *Finds oil*
America: *Merhaba*

Author — AtkGuy


Turkey: We found oil?!
USA: Did you mean *Freedom Juice* ?!!

Author — Tom Bombadil


Turkey finds oil.
America : i like ottoman.

Author — mini gun1991


America: looks like turkey needs some freedom

Author — saron bon


Turkey: (finds gas)

USA: they have wepons of mass destruction we have to invade them for oil money- i mean liberty

Author — Zeid Suheimat


neo is one of the few YouTube channels which emphasize on quality over quantity. Kudos for that.

Author — Albin Biju


Turkey : Discover old
America: Hippity hoopty your oil is my property.

Author — eajajaj


“Turkey finds gas in the Black Sea”

“you gonna finish dat”

Author — Not Kino


Turkey : Discovers Gas Field
USA : Seems like we discover Gas field

Author — Tamim Khan


Oil?! Sounds like some freedom is required! 😂🤣😂

Author — Grumps


Me : Oh interesting, new energy resources just found
Also me : welp, it turns out so complicated, but still interesting, even more 😁❤️

Author — Artorias Abysswalker


I don't know if Europeans hate or scared of Turkey. It seems they are obsessed with Turkey, saying hi from Brazil 🇧🇷..

Author — Tormund Gaint


Turkey: We found gas in are Territory
Also Turkey: Why do I hear America in the background

Author — KingCheckOut


As a Turkish person who is often critical of our government, it still irritates me when westerners unfairly attack and wrongly criticize Turkey. However this video was very well written and balanced so thank you for that!

Author — kagi95


Turkey: finds gas
USA: They need some *democracy* over there

Author — zahrans


Can you please make a video on the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan? I'd really like to hear your take on it

Author — Mehmet Akif Aydoğdu


Turkiye fazla gundeme sokuluyor, avrupa ulkeleri gas petrol caldigi halde gundem olmuyorlar. Birseyi yaptigimiz zaman dusmanin gozune gozune sokuyoruz, herseyi aciktan gosteriyoruz. Saman altindan su goturmeliyiz beyler!

Author — Realite58