Coronavirus claims more American lives than First World War - BBC News

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More Americans have now died from coronavirus than were killed in the First World War. The latest official figure is 120,000 deaths in the United States.

Hundreds of new deaths are still being recorded every day. But in New York, until recently the global epicentre of the pandemic, life is starting to emerge from lockdown. People have been shopping, getting their hair cut, and eating at outdoor cafes.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Nick Bryant in New York.

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Real enemies are two: Stupidity and Greed.

Author — Kotaro Kato


With this great leadership better be prepared to make that: more deaths on Corona than all wars combined!!

Author — Paul Jansen


Well that sure puts things in perspective.

Author — Forum Arcade


Out of everyone in New York, you talked to someone with a yarmulke on.

Author — Rotten 5


That's no shock the only thing they charged in the great war was interest rates on their loans

Author — Lee Bowden


America waited to see who would win before joining when the war was nearly over

Author — The Boss


People are going to learn about this in school

Author — Corby LAD


Maybe people will talk about overpopulation, One person gets the virus the world get's the virus. A human Plague .

Author — Jack Black


"But reopen everything" says our PM, after the US did that and is still having hundreds of deaths a day (hint: So is the UK, but shhh says our government and media)

Author — SuperAp0calypse


OMG! Let's get rid of the FAKE "very stable genius." RIP.

Author — Brainstorming Plus


USA was in the trenches for like 6 months at most and half were killed by the Spanish flu. What's with these brain dead comparisons?

Author — Jan Michael Vincent


Why do our experts and professors prefer to research in all kinds of wrong directions regardless of cost, rather than try to take a step in the right direction?

Author — 川岛次郎


But unfortunately Corona didn't found any nuclear weapons in USA.

Author — Duo Sign js


That's not worrying at all. They barely bothered to show up in ww1



How can an entire city have feelings ? This journalism sounds like a novel.

Author — NoseyParker


It’s funny when ppl from 2 mins ago say 1st when they aren’t first

Author — Hydro Gaming


all of a sudden World War 1 doesn't seem like such a big deal

Author — Rumford Chimpenstein


Its quite a big country.
Died OF OR WITH????

Author — Aswan Aswan


Moral of the story:
*Don't ever read the comment sections on any news, don't read replies to the comments, and don't ever be lead down a rabbit chase of arguing with someone, the argument's never going to end*

Author — Raymond Zhang


"The Coronavirus doesn't exist."

"It's them 5G towers."

"I won't get it."

Author — AffirmedJuggler