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Like the Amish in the US, the Mennonite Christian community shuns the modern world. Most Mennonites live in secluded, self-sufficient colonies. We get a rare glimpse into the life of a devout and isolated community.

The Mennonites embrace isolation, which in their eyes helps protect them from the temptations of the modern world. At first glance, time seems to have stood still in the Mennonite colony in Belize, where people still travel by horse-drawn carriage and do without conveniences such as televisions and electricity. They still speak an old form of the German dialect Plattdeutsch. But modern life is slowly making inroads in Little Belize. Wilhelm, the community’s former doctor, was expelled for owning a mobile phone. Fearing that their community was being tainted, some more traditional members decided to found a new colony in a remote jungle in Peru, where they hope to live according to old customs and religious beliefs. For the first time ever, a camera team was granted access to one of Central and South America’s traditional Mennonite colonies.


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'Isolated from the modern World"... Coca-Cola bottle appears

Author — Francisco Elicer Coopman


Imagine being in rural Peru and seeing a bunch of white people dressed as cowboys

Author — Bruh Sound Effect #5


I like how this documentary doesn’t judge or make fun of these people. Very neutral.

Author — Quick Fruits


"He's taking a huge risk showing his mobile phone to us on camera." - Well, not really. His elders won't see it on YouTube...

Author — Erik T


Amazing, first they expell the doctor with his phone for emergencies, then they fly with an airplane through the lords dominion at 900km an hour to found a remote colony. Really amazing.

Author — Goldener Gurkerich


imagine moving to the middle of the jungle because some guy has a phone

Author — Beluga


For a traditionally "unsophisticated" person, Abraham is fluent in at least three languages: Low German, English, and Spanish. And, he is quite adventurous. Mennonites, like the Amish, adhere to a life that is frozen in time from several centuries ago; yet, it is interesting how they "bend the rules" for tractors, electric saws, sewing machines, etc., which did not exist in the 17th Century; but they shun other conveniences.

Author — Paul


The self taught doctor got a phone to use in case of emergencies. They expelled him instead.

Author — MNTrader2012


I like how everyone in the comments is so worried about them chopping down part of the amazon as if most of you don't buy products that do just that...

Author — Patrick Fitzgerald


Ironic how in an attempt to leave the slowly encroaching modern world in Belize, Abraham takes his family on the biggest adventure of their lives, exposing them to more modern technology than they've ever seen.

Author — Nathaniel Gonsalves


1 year later: they planted cocaine instead of vegetables. "life is good here".

Author — Ka Bum


I visited a Mennonite family once. A person that was along rudely took out their camera and started taking pictures of the house and outbuildings, without permission. The wife/mother said, "please, no photos of us; it is against our religion." They were nice people and made us feel very welcome.

Author — G G


also i'm kinda impressed with the vast range of languages they can speak with having been educated by themselves!

Author — Nippy Bridge


I honestly feel sorry for the guy hiding his phone from his brother. He's caught in a pretty nasty dilemma. :(

Author — slammerf16


Dude is just going to start his own cult in Peru and whoever will disagree with him will be excommunicated to the forests 😂😂😂😂 Hope they do another documentary of how life turned out

Author — N K


This needs a part 2, I want to know what happens next

Author — GaMoX88


In the most ironic way possible, these people are playing the most hardcore version of Harvest Moon imaginable.

Author — Patrick Murphy


Not allowed to talk during a meal. That's just sad. They will excommunicate until there is no one left but one lol.

Author — Justin Wiseman


i wish they can live in peace wherever they go. ABRAM'S EXCITEMENT and POSITIVITY MADE me smile. he is embracing the world.. may GOD'S PROTECTION be with you.

Author — Diana Austria


Some members of this community sell their produce at the local farmer's market. Their yogurt was a revelation. Homemade with fresh milk and their own culture made a huge difference. I went back for more.

Author — Kuno Egger