Sidney Powell on Robert Mueller's 'poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct'

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Attorney Sidney Powell, author of 'Licensed to Lie,' examines Andrew Weissmann's role in the prosecution of Enron and the destruction of Arthur Andersen.

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It's a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the injustice system. They are real criminals with no limitations on their reach and an open checkbook with no accountability. Is this America?

Author — PressedEarth


It's heart wrenching that there are still so many Americans asleep on the evil going on in this country and world..we are being deceived on a Massive scale..don't any of you ever remember the days before technology when we would walk through the woods and feel free and alive and actually went to family and friends and knocked on the door to visit and didn't have cell phone to text for communication..or when the price of living was actually sustainable to actually live and get by. America is in poverty in a very bad way people going hungry people losing there homes taxation is theft it is Bible prophecy that the only way to restore humanity is for a new revolution it is time to stop letting the government play our God in this life

Author — Ashton Mitchell


License to Lie for Mueller’s Pitbull Andrew Weismann

Author — Hernan Visani


WTF!? WTF!? Poor Enron and the CEO and the people that got $$$ extorted by Mueller...because that was what it is! Same tactics from the past resurface to attack Pres. Trump. They must be stopped!....not fired but put in prison.

Author — Omar Cavazos


Mueller needs to be thrown in jail for life

Author — The Angry Republican


Weismann should be charged in the court. He abused his power, he has little grasp of the law.

Author — desi derata


I never watch Fox News and until now haven’t watched the Fox News YouTube channel for over a year. I say this because the very first video I chose to check out was this format rather than CNN or MSNBC who are literally dictating, as if they’re in an auditorium rallying the troops, to their audience.

EVEN IF the entire content of this video is factually inaccurate, and I’m not saying it is, the format of the other networks illustrates an obedience in their audience not normally found elsewhere.

Levin, whom I’m familiar with, isn’t leading the interviewee so much as stating things as a lawyer does. He’s presenting a side, but letting facts speak for his side, whereas CNN and MSNBC cannot go a minute without injecting their personal bias.

Author — mtb416


Congress gave them all this power and oversight is a joke. They created a beast that needs put down. IRS too.

Author — T P


It’s time for Trump to unload. Produce all the documents at the SOTU, go down in a blaze of glory and take them
All straight to Hell

Author — RhodesFootball Recruiting


This story is examplifies the total corruption and politicisation of law enforcement by the FBI and DOJ. The corruption and abuse of power based on regulator's dictatorship. Both FBI and DOJ reliability has never recovered from Enron and there on, and it actually gets worst. The Mueller probe is the epiphany of corruption of the American law enforcement based on political bias. I think it's time to appeal to the Supreme Court to cancel this rogue institution of special counsel that was created from thin air and goes directly against the American constitution.

Author — tamimerkaz



Author — Chuck Longino


The DOJ and FBI have lost all credibility with the American people. I never thought I'd miss the 'good old days' for J. Edgar Hoover.

Author — GopherMan


Don't worry know one will get away with anything! Jesus Christ did not die on cross for nothing! 😡

Author — s


With all your beautiful knowledge Mr .Levin and your brilliant guests, we ONLY talk about the Laws all theses folks have clearly broke. At what point does this become full exposure and not just talk? Well above my pay scale, however, when does political dysfunction and lying get the call to push back?

Author — Familyfor ValuesFight


The probability of the MSM news to be skewed or spinned against Pres. Trump is 98%....this is my theory...based on the results of their news stories in the past two years. Wiesman is trying to find dirt on our President...and will do whatever to find anything...even if it is not directly related to collusion...with Russia. However, since there is nothing there (no obstruction, no collusion)...Mueller is actually done in reality. He has been done since the beginning....there never was anything to justify his investigation.

Author — John Tatum


When the government no longer fear the people, we all are at its mercy. Only mercy is not in their vocabulary..

Author — Ctb 281


Nancy Pelosi's father was very connected to the Mafia, she is one of the most corrupt career politicians in the D.C. swamp.
The radical left has aligned themselves with China and other wealthy countries and have infiltrated our government from the inside. RINOs like McCain, Ryan and McConnel are just as evil and corrupt. Trump is as close to an independent POTUS that we've ever had since 1913. He is our last best chance at stopping our Republic from becoming a vassal of China. Russia is not nearly as much of a threat as China.

Author — Dawn Hall


This makes me want to leave the US ...

Author — James California


Why can't the president appoint an Ethics Committee Against wise men the one that is the head of molar Witch Hunt

Author — Tony Manak


It is criminal how the Federal Gov't is allowed to persecute people, and withhold exculpatory evidence. One of the very best books I've read about this has been Sydney Powell's book, "Licensed to Lie". It is worth reading and it will open your eyes to what is happening even now with this persecution of the President and those around him. It will also give you insight on why it is you NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE OR FBI/DOJ. NEVER.

Author — Coffee Warrior Princess