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Since the 1932 revolution which ended 150 years of absolute monarchy in Thailand, the kingdom has had 13 successful military coups and 11 attempted coups. In other words, the military has proven itself to be a constant threat to civilian rule and democracy, ready to grab power when the opportunity avails itself.

But its intervention in the nation’s politics has generated a lot of resentment and resistance from Thai citizens who want the military to stay out of politics for good. To prevent that from happening, the military has drafted a new constitution which gives the institution a permanent role in politics.

To what extent can the people accept the new political framework? Will the military’s permanent presence in politics bring about greater stability, progress and developments to Thailand? Or will it lead to a continued turmoil and further deepen authoritarian rule in the country?

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You didn't mention that the 500+ votes that secured the Premiership were actually made up of 250 appointed Senators. It was basically rigged.

Author — l3locparty


Prayut and his top boss is the real problem of the country.

Author — Mook Mook


Prime Minister Prayuth has just pissed off one female reporter in a press conference because she was sitting cross-legged. He asked her to lower her leg in front of the audience.
However, Prayuth used to spray a hand sanitizer spray to reporters' faces in the same room.

Author — Kwodd Bangkok


Dawn Tan, you are good.
Thank you all at CNA Insider who worked to create this video.

Author — Daniel M.


Even now people of Thailand are still fighting to get rid of these armed thugs from politics.
Wish us luck.

Author — Razgriz


Thailand people is amazing, good luck!

Author — natalian m


My hope is that the younger generation is getting more educated and better informed and that the old dicators will die out over time. But i am super afraid of china being successful with their inhuman system. If they succeed thats the end of humanity. Thanks for the documentation, very informative.

Author — PhD in Paradise


Thailand slides into abysmal deterioration worse than the year Thaksin fled. One person assimilates country’s wealth and created the biggest ravine between the privileged and the poor. I have my sympathy for fellow Thai people, and may this mayhem end soon.

Author — Marsilla Dewi Baruch


it's sad what has happened to most of SE Asia. Great people, crappy and corrupt governments

Author — glennaa11


I am a single foreign woman who went to Thailand in 2012 with quite a lot of money ... in 2013 I was violently chased away from the house I built, to find myself "homeless" ... since 2013 I have been beaten, tortured, forced to sleep in rice fields, being arrested for VISA violations, being extradited ... since 2013 my life is PURE HELL ... Thailand is just a colony of crime, of violent criminals and nothing else ... YESTERDAY I was refused access on a flight to Bangkok even when I had a certificate of entry to the Kingdom of Thailand because apparently I was banned for life ... I did not even know ...
I do not know what is wrong with all those people in Thailand but ... When you look up my name on Amazon you will see that I have written a book called "Thai poems and love songs" ... that I dedicated this book ... I WANT THE MONSTERS OF THAILAND TO EXPLAIN TO THE WORLD WHY THE WRITER OF THAT BOOK HAS BEEN THE VICTIM OF 100'S OF CRIMES AGAINST HER PERSON BY PURE INFERNAL CRIMINALS ...

Author — Tara Vanhonacker


Thaksin had made his money from abusing the power and then go buy himself a massive mansion in Dubai 🙄

Author — Th Ti


Somehow I see ignorant tyranny in the mass media

Author — Danai Huntrakul


As long as you have money to bribe the military and the police in Thailand, It's super sabai-sabai...

Author — sonny pon


Seems as though that is Where it is Heading

Author — Oliver Sparks


These generals will never change, they have been hiding behind the thin excuse of "the monarchy" for years, tats not gonna change, same to the businessmen cronies crying about corruption when they r the ones perpetrating it.. future belongs to the youth

Author — lee devlin


Not enough of the people of Thailand are prepared to fight against the military and its fake democracy. An appointed upper house and imprisoning opponents . The whole country is unable to move forward .

Author — Mark S


This was Prayut absolutely his wet dream. To be the absolute dictator of a country. Enriching him, his friends and family with billions of dollars and the taste of power. Once this has been tasted they will never let it go..

Author — Kimmys Worldwander


38.09 Mr.Paiboon who didn’t really speak. Now, Mr.Prayut still uses the house located in the military camp.

Author — 10kubono


before fight for democracy they already fight each other to take a lead and

Author — Neotokyo6


I'm curious are prime ministers in charge of both the military and the police? To me that makes for absolute power!

Author — M. Asquino