Inside €32.000.000 Villa Cullinan Best Luxury Modern House in Marbella, Zagaleta | Drumelia Tour #10

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Our long-awaited Tour # 10 is finally out! Many of you have asked to make a video tour of the diamond of Marbella, Villa Cullinan - and here it is!

This modern villa is the winner of European Property Awards and considered as the Best Residential Property 2019-2020.

The mansion has everything for an excepcional, unique and the most luxurious living: value, location, super generous plot, picturesque setting, jaw-dropping views, top-quality construction, cutting-edge equipment, functionality and elegance of interiors, plus that wow factor that makes it truly special.

Casual gathering spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic glass doors, state-of-art designer kitchen with premium equipment, amazing covered and sunny outdoor areas, majestic mountain scenery; sea, Africa and Gibraltar views - it is all about this dream house.

Bedrooms: 10 | Bathrooms: 14 | Built: 3.110m² | Plot: 13.845m²







When it comes to luxury and sensational experience, it doesn’t get more special than Villa Cullinan – which, like many properties with a ‘wow’ factor, even has its own name. Cullinan, the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, was presented by Transvaal to his Britannic majesty Edward VII. Its cut parts, created for eternity, were mounted in the Imperial State Crown. No wonder, that ‘only the best is good enough’ has been the concept behind the project named Villa Cullinan.


Extraordinary and incredibly tempting as the stone it is named after, Villa Cullinan is the most exclusive and biggest new modern villa of Europe. The eco-friendly mega mansion is also considered one of the most innovative contemporary estates. It has no competitors when it comes to the latest, top-notch technology, up to the minute trends, brave ideas and luxurious features. The same can be said of the generous size of the house offering 3.110 m², its 13.845 m² plot and imposing swimming pools, a 20-meters long internal heated pool and an outdoor saltwater pool that goes underneath the house, with astonishing depth of 4,56 m, a masterpiece of its own.

Two state-of-art designer kitchens can satisfy the most demanding celebrity chef. Any luxurious boutique-hotels would envy 9 large and alluring guest bedrooms, while a serene Master Suite is a peaceful retreat occupying the entire wing. 14 marble bathrooms offer a perfect balance of chic and pure pleasure, impressing with magnificent 800kg honed marble bathtub in the Master Suite.
Described as a voyage of the senses, the property invites the residents to enjoy deep relaxation and activities both indoor and outdoor, while watching the glorious Mediterranean sunset as the sun slips behind the Rock of Gibraltar.
It’s all there at your fingertips: a pampering SPA-centre, designated chill-out areas, a professional gym and sports lounge, a game room, a home cinema room with natural light coming from the imposing swimming pool windows, undoubtedly the pièce de résistance – very much larger-than-life the James Bond film style!

Villa Cullinan is the result of a shared vision and a quest for perfection created by Tobal Arquitectos, one of the most prominent architect bureaus and leading designers of luxury properties on the Costa del Sol. This project is considered to be the finest work of the bespoke prime residential specialists that have contributed to a great many of the region’s iconic buildings.
With no funds spared, the extraordinary, chic and sophisticated villa that stands out from the crowd and rewards the adventurous owners with its up-to-date functionality, luxury and privacy, has become the biggest new-built modern property in Europe that comes with a 32-million-euro price tag.

The most desirable property of the year 2020 will be a real joy and pride to possess.

For Drumelia Real Estate, it is a great honor to represent Villa Cullinan. As the exclusive real estate representative for such extraordinary property!

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Author — Drumelia Real Estate


What an epic house. Congrats, great video.

Author — Lifestyle Production Group


This guy says this mansion would not feel oversized for 2 people, id feel like im at the airport

Author — angad bhullar


This house is so big that you can have your wife and girlfriend living there at the same time without them knowing it.

Author — Adam Jaber


Jobs will pay your bills, business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy, the future is inevitable

Author — Marley Li


I love how high tech and stylish this mansion is. No stupid golden toilets, no useless tasteless crap. That's what u call a motivation

Author — XXX 4000


I'm a poor guy living in a 2 room rented apartments but i promise myself that one day I'll own a house like this.

Author — Jugal Jayan


Meanwhile shooting this video smartwatch tells you: "You have completed your daily 10 000 steps per day! Congrats!"

Author — JM TechReview


I can truly see 2 people live here without the house feeling too big at all!

Husband: baby come meet me at the north east bathroom, just behind the 12th master bedroom, if you hit the 4th walk-in closet, you have gone to far.

Her: sure honey, i will be there in 10-12 min

Author — Mikkel Jensen


The quality of this construction is out of this world.

Author — Dan


I bet I could life there without the owner ever noticing

Author — Flexx Gaming


This architect deserves all the top awards in the world, absolutely breathtaking. I love the doors

Author — S Ahmed


Imagine spending all that money to have zoom meeting in your office competing with the kids screaming in the pool just outside the door

Author — Zeke Nomvete


"I can truly see how two people can live here without the house feeling too big at all"

*pushes elevator button*....


Author — Prodbyweeks


This is the coolest house tour ever!! The intro, the car and the house really fit together!! I am genuinely in love!!

Author — Apple Isaac William


I can totally live in the staff quarters and live luxuriously...

When the staff quarters feels like a hotel 🔥

Author — Jhamilla Sardovia


Not sure if it was said enough, but that intro was sick!🔥

Author — The Awkward Unboxer


This is the ultimate proof that money CAN buy happiness!

Author — right easy


Morning 🌤الورود ياورود\nMorning speed healing for each patient\nMorning jackets for all my two\nMorning Livelihood for each poor\nMorning wellness for every weak\ngood morning Ramadan Karim on everyone with good, health, wellness, safety and rest and comfort, peace and blessings of God. Only God, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and God is the greatest God pray for our master and our sister.

Author — مـهب آلريح


Artur, you are incredible at what you do! You spoke so beautifully for 24 minutes straight and did it all in a second language. It blew me away! I imagined speaking for even one of the rooms and I drew a blank; "this is a nice room" is probably all most of us would be able to say 😆
What you're doing is an art! Drumelia is seriously lucky to have you. Bravo

Author — P. A