Eating UNIQUE Turkish Street Food in Bodrum | Brit tries Kokoreç | Turkish Food

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We couldn't avoid eating this unique Turkish street food after promising to give it a go. Did we like it and would you be brave enough to give it a go? Another entertaining day of eating Turkish foods before getting the car ferry from Bodrum to Datca.

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3:31 Eating experience
14:46 Ferry Bodrum to Datca

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Travel vlog 368 | Filmed Dec 2020 | Bodrum | Country 30/197

#treadtheglobe #Bodrum #turkishstreetfood
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💬 Comments on the video

Dostlarımıza gösterdiği muazzam misafirperverlikten dolayı Tolga Bey’e çok teşekkürler.

Author — Ersel Çakır


When I first came to live in Turkey in 2003, at the end of my street was a man who had an old clapped out van and on Friday and Saturday night would have an old gas stove and a plastic picnic table and would cook kokoreç. Me and my wife would buy once a week and chat to him, a really nice man who sold it to pay for his children's education.

His little kokerec enterprise grew and grew.. He now owns a 150 seater kokerec restaurant which is packed (pre-pandemic).

He's still a lovely man and I'm so so happy for him.

Author — Michael Yeovil


Thank you once again for letting us "travel" with you, especially in these days :)

Author — Bilal Kinali


We love trying new foods and experiencing local cultures - some foods are easier to eat that others - I have to be honest we did put this one off for a while . Let us know if you like the food videos then we can try and plan some more. Have you eaten some strange foods - let us know in the comments below. Chris x

Author — TREAD the globe


Kokorec and midye dolma are the first two reasons that I can't go vegan. Life has no meaning without them.

Author — Chet B.


I could go to Turkey for the food alone! 😋

Author — Bucket List Travellers


Türkiyedeki videolara beğeni atın türk. Kardeslerim milli değerler artsın.

Author — Emre aksakallı


Don't worry of the borders are being closed, you are in good hands.

Author — sana ne


Wow! It seems you guys ate at a restaurant owned by one of turkey’s famous singers, Ibraheim tatlises :)

Author — t sham


Awww left a little bit of my heart in Bodrum, this video made me well up as you set off on the ferry looking back in to Bodrum 🥰

Author — David Bell


Meals prepared in restaurants and those made in village houses may be different.Keskek is a famous traditional Turkish dish made by boiling meat and wheat in a cauldron.It is a nomadic dish.Again, "höşmerim" is a famous Turkish dessert made from cheese.Datça is an old nomad city.

Author — Sadik Ince


Kokoreç benim için vazgeçilmez. I love you kokoreç ❤️

Author — 16 Yıl


Omg this is so amazing I’m in bodrum as well and love watching you guys i would love to show you around if you guys are up for it

Author — ayse gulkanat


I'm travelling around the Bodrum area as well and it's been amazing, but now I am inspired to eat this magnolia taze (still haven't tried kokorec though, but will see... 😬)

Author — Lovely Little Nomad


Tread team, hello
You are used to Turkish food. This is beautiful. Because so you will linger from Turkey. We love you.

Author — MrAdnanozkan


We absolutely love Turkey and it so lovely to see your adventures. We visit oludeniz whenever we can. Absolutely beautiful country xx

Author — Jen Hodge


Should call you Turkey trip a eatfest extravagander!

Author — Andrew Thompson


love watching your videos...cant wait for you to get over to Fethiye and Olu Deniz

Author — lee paul


in 14:43 she says, 'they are so sweet!' she said it for you probably😁

Author — Evin


Finally you found the correct way...🤩joking .Turkish idioms.But I would be very sad if you leave Turkey without not eating Kokoreç..

Author — Mr Fix