Top 100 Sports Bloopers of the Year 2019

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Watch the most embarrassing and fail moments in sports, that happened in 2019. Witness these athletes experience some of the most funny moments that happened on camera in their careers from NHL, NBA, NFL and more.

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61 of these were just open net, own goals...happens all the time.

Author — Rod Rebman


8:01 : me when I try to act like my parent playing tennis.

Author — Schwarzwald


1:45 I was waiting for him to miss the goal

Author — Stone Bowser


24:22 that poor guy losing his food twice

Author — AvGeek NZ


*makes a goal in hockey*

This guy: “lol blooper”

Author — Maclean Sherren


"He's lost his front teeth three times!"

"Yeah, I don't think he's scored a goal with his stick yet!"

Author — Jonathan Riley


"All the linemen except for the center" is right up there with "He was giving him the business."

Author — jhanks2012


"Code Violation, racquet abuse."

Author — Bruno Beidacki


Can we take a moment, to remember the person that put that red carpet down. May he/she Rest In Peace.

Author — James Sanchez


Yup. Some of these were definitely not in 2019.

Author — Sam W.


Top 100 american Sports Bloopers of the Year 2019

Author — Jeremy Walsh


Me- How many hockey clips are you going to put?
Youtuber- Yes

Author — Poop Star


33:02 That red carpet has never been seen since...coincidence?

Author — Hisdudeness9500


This should be called top 100 normal plays in hockey.

Author — HudSzu


30:11 "I felt that coming bruh"

Author — Carsonajin


I have watched more Ice Hockey and Rugny in this video then I have my entitre life!

Author — Anco


I'm actually kind of surprised that there are this many deflection-assisted home runs in one year. I feel like I never see them other than in these kinds of blooper videos.

Author — xiii-Dex


That dude clothes lining himself with his own hockey stick just destroyed me.

Author — Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch


“False start, offence, all linemen except for the center”

Author — Rob H


It's amazing how rotten you feel when you F up for the whole world to see.

Author — LaughTooHard