Best Personal Finance Books Of All Time (5 BOOKS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE)

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For each personal finance book, I share the key takeaways, how it changed my life, and why I think you should read it. This is my list of the best personal finance books of all time! If you need personal finance book recommendations, look no further.



I Will Teach You to Be Rich (hilarious how-to book on personal finance for millennials)

Rich Dad Poor Dad (#1 selling personal finance book of all time... need I say more?)

Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant (Part 2 of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

The 4-Hour Workweek (how to escape your 9-5 and live anywhere)

Think and Grow Rich (the ultimate book on money mindset and wealth consciousness)


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This content is for education and entertainment purposes only. Rose does not provide tax or investment advice. The information is being presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.



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I think my future kids will learn way more from Youtube than from school.

Author — Gilbert Raya


I'm 16 and try to learn as much about finance, so that i dont have a hard time once i finish high school.

Author — Osman Say


RICH DAD POOR DAD changed my life financially! Read it being totally broke and a few years later I’m Now I’m a successful real estate investor/business owner and am nearly financially free. When people ask how I did it and where to start I always point them to this book.

Author — Steve Ram


The Richest Man in Babylon is hands down the best book to read for beginners.

Author — melvin johnson


Rich dad poor dad 1:00 1:40
Cash Flow Quadrant 5:40
Four Hour Workweek 8:30
i will teach you to be rich 10:45
Think and grow rich 13:10
None of these books appear to be on her desk.

Author — 学汉字Hieroglyph


"The Millionaire Next Door" did it for me!

Author — aSlimtube


If you work for someone, you make them rich. If you work for yourself, you make yourself rich.

Author — Justin Case


The Total Money Makeover changed my life and the way I view finances. I feel it’s a great stepping stone for anyone trying to be financially fit.

Author — Ojay


“The Millionaire Next Door” provided a whole new perspective on what a typical millionaire might look like compared to how society defines them! Definitely in my Top 3 for Personal Finance books.

Author — Jordan Savage


The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this, the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left

Author — jessie lorence


*Books are great! I average about 18 to 20 books a year on investing, finance or personal development. Rich Dad is on a lot of people's list that changed their life.* 👍

Author — Passive Income Tom


Rich Dad Poor Dad was the one I read right after college and inspired me.

Author — On Borrowed Time


As a High School Econ Teacher I teach The Richest Man in Babylon every year. Also, you are incredibly beautiful.

Author — Bart Fart


In addition to Rose's list the comments have added at least 47 more titles that I am compelled to get. Thank you everyone!

Author — Patricia Busch


In just a few videos you have swiftly become my new addiction.

Author — James Luke Samuels


This young lady is so sincere from the inside out, she is share-teaching and teach-sharing, no fluff no bluff from her unlike some "glamorized women", who try to draw attention to the wrong aspect of their appearance! Excellent Rose you are a great role model!

Author — True Riches


I just bought "I will teach you to be Rich" and I have read Dave Ramsey's "The Total Money Makeover" which I thought was very helpful for people to get out of debt.

Author — Dr. Stewart Bachan


The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is a good book for beginner investors. Another one is The Latte Factor by David Bach.

Author — Joey Carlyle


Which one do you recommend to read first? 🤔

Author — Jessica Ch


Robert Kiyosaki‘s „Rich Dad Poor Dad“ was it for me. It turned my life around. I grew up with mindset that is so similar to yours, that it’s scary, Rose. I thought as well, that it was my fate to work until retirement, then eventually get sick and die. The other thing that was hammered into my head was:“Investing is only something for the rich people“. But due to the fact that I have never fit into this society at all because I have a birth defect, I am often tired and have headaches. So I had to figure out something that could prevent me from dying poor. That’s about the time I got my hand‘s on „Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. I have read other books too, but they are all written in German, because I am Swiss. I‘ll list the authors here. Maybe there are translations by now, I don’t know.
Gerd Kommer
Gerald Hörhan
André Kostolany
Harry Büsser

Author — Markus Wernli