Moment US Special Forces storm ISIS leader Baghdadi's lair

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THIS is the moment US Special Forces stormed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s lair in a mission that slayed the ISIS leader.

The Pentagon last night released dramatic video footage of the raid taken moments before Baghdadi blew himself up in a dead-end tunnel to avoid capture...

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‘Massive surge’ in pro-ISIS social media posts in wake of Baghdadi’s death as fanatics threaten attacks at any time:

Russia mocks America’s ‘umpteenth’ report of Baghdadi’s death claiming there’s no evidence the ISIS leader was killed:

Who is the new Isis leader and how did Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi die?

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Warning: Contains images some viewers will find excellent.

Author — robert dunlap


I sense another Hollywood blockbuster coming.

Author — jslim1008


To the guy clicking all over the place trying to start that first video clip:

You had one job bud....

Author — Repomeister


You do not want to be “addressed “ by a gunship.

Author — archisaurus


Total respect for the U.S. military. The reporters are idiots, one stupid question after another. Never changes...

Author — Alan


You don’t see the dog because he shot the video.

Author — Merveil Meok


Something tells me the dog didn’t need “exceptional” scenting abilities to locate this guy....

Author — Bill Meriwether


Does "buried at sea" mean just chuck him in the ocean?

Author — M James


Love USA from the Philippines!!!😁❤❤❤✔👍

Author — Torka Dazali


His famous last words "When did we get a dog?"

Author — David Well


Thank you to all those who serve have served and to those who gave all. God bless our military!!!!

Author — DOhman Ohman


Well done US guys, gals & dog involved... thank you 🙏🏾 good riddance

Author — Paul Whittington


You can see and hear why this man has 4 stars on his epaulets. Top of the shelf when it comes to competent and thorough Military leadership.

Author — I'm Old Greg


I was waiting for how long to hear or see that extrmst dog dead.

Author — Asim Waheed


That parking lot comment... Jarheads know what that is about.

Author — KnowJesusKnowPeace


Great job America .I am speaking as a Croatian, i doubt many will mourn the, would be khalif of the 21 century .

Author — Robert Marinic


They want to give the $25million reward to the dog.that's hilarious.

Author — snipereliete


Can't wait to play this mission on the next Call of Duty.

Author — Dan Gee


"Remains buried at sea" ... "suicide vest"
Wonder which special forces member had vacuum his goo+bits up lmao.

Author — Palm Pay


Reporters are like meteorologists. They can both keep their jobs no matter how bad they are at it.

Author — Tortomus