Economy suffers record-breaking GDP fall due to COVID-19

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ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis explains the significance of the U.S. economy’s 32.9% drop last quarter.

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It's gonna get worse and there's no saving it... Get ready for the worst

Author — GN LII


‘I have the biggest recession. My recession is so huge you wouldn’t believe it. People tell me all the time they’ve never seen a recession this big before. It’s incredible”.

Author — Han


This pandemic exposed nearly ALL of our flaws as a consumer society with an infrastructure based on technology, electricity, and currency/debt. A long time ago we should have pushed citizens to be more off the grid and base the stability of our economy and trade on something other than spending and debt. Because these systems combined are far too fragile. They made us slaves to a system of systems that can be unraveled in an instant.

Author — You're Gonna Like This Comment


America's economy lost 6.7 trillion dollars in the contraction.
But American taxpayer monies were shifted to bailout corporations that are fat with cash.
The taxpayers paid for all the corporate losses.

Author — timmy eades


I got hired back at my job and I’ve been making less than what I was making off of unemployment. I do Hvac in NV, people don’t want us in their homes

Author — Charles Broderick


No shopping just food. Gotta save all the money I can. Hurry up NOVEMBER

Author — Jacquelyn Gadson


Add 40% to that when the unemployment drops the benefit. Guess what people won't buy when they have no money; masks, soap and disinfectent.

Author — Taz 52


"I have the biggest unemployment. My unemployment is so huge you wouldn't believe it. People tell me all the time they've never seen unemployment this big before. It's incredible." 👌😮👌

Author — Wolfe 123


Why is it 100% Covid19's fault? What about the banksters' and politicians' role in this economic crisis?

Author — Y. B. Normal


Here's comes the domino effect! The scary part is that how fast is everything is going down hill 🤔

Author — Jojo Tha Boss


LMFAO and GOPs say there are jobs out there, thats why they dint want to give the $600 unemployment because it will make Americans lazy 😄😅 VOTE THEM OUT

Author — Michael Lopez


Don’t worry people! The Feds are printing and printing and printing! They give trillions to the stock market! They give billions to the greedy corporations! They give you peanuts!! I know a guy that has 3 restaurants! He just received $5 million dollars! WTF is going on???? This corruption & manipulation will continue!!

Author — Ron Krikorian


Just like WWII. If y'all have a space start planting vegetables, herbs and fruit.

Author — Jude MelRoses


Another stock market plummet is gonna happen before the end of the year. Unemployment rate is gonna go up. Layoffs and hiring freezes are gonna be more frequent. The battle between the haves and have nots is gonna get worse and more unpredictable.

Author — Tiger Shark


trump is a man of failures and bankruptcies, everybody who take attention knows that

Author — Seelverado


I feel you guys. Here in my country, alot of establishments closed for good.

Author — Ânyà Štár ✨


When you elect a ringmaster, expect to see a Remember these words !!



It's only going to get worse, because people aren't taking the pandemic seriously.

Author — Mu Ja


He’s probably tweeted that thing about delaying the election to distract us from this

Author — Ferrell Jenkins


COVID FOR EVERYTHING! Attempted global takeover and mass genocide happening right now.

Author — AnahataOnline