Elon Musk Reveals New Details About Neuralink, His Brain Implant Technology

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Taken from JRE #1470 w/Elon Musk:

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When you sleep with a chip in your skull:
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Author — Omnipotent Believe It


Neuralink is literally the real-life start of a Black Mirror episode.

Author — greg the groove DRUM COVERS


Elon: You put this thing in your skull

Joe: Ever been ice fishing?

Author — ikbenvoetbal


Am I the only one that thinks this will be weaponized in the future?

Author — Etienne the question


He's stuttering because he has the prototype installed in his brain. Still buggy but made him smart af

Author — Enache Ionut


I swear if people ever get these implants on the hand or brain willingly and queuing up like at an IPhone release convention, then that’s the day I’m relocating to the Himalayas and live a life as a goat farmer and call myself Shen-Zao.

Author — Zakarie Mohamed


This is deadly and can become an invasion of privacy on so many levels

Author — jmal jackson


Watching Elon musk's career is like the prologue of a dystopian novel.

Author — amanda smith


First step to a bio chip.
“Execute order 66.”
It will be done Lord Musk.

Author — DF


Musk: You can talk to a tree, but it's boring.

Rogan: Have you tried it with DMT?

Author — Daniel


Only chips going in my head are pringles

Author — Tony C


I can't tell if Elon enjoys these interviews or merely tolerates them..

Author — x SIX


Why didn’t Joe ask him if he has one already or is he going to Implant himself
Come on JOE! Be tougher

Author — Dean Dyer


Me: Honey...What’s for dinner?

Wife: Oh, it’s just a leftover software update from last night if that’s okay?

Author — Jonathan Buckwalter


Ever since I got my implant I've had this intense desire to buy a Tesla.

Author — James West


We are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

Author — Niall Martin


Joe: So will I be able to download DMT directly into my brain?

Author — Josiah Hockenberry


If all of this becomes a legitimate widespread thing in my lifetime, Im going to fake my death and live off the grid.

Author — K


"Its optional" - seems like he meant it!
We as humans have lost the way, in the current state of society this invention is extremely dangerous

Author — Justin V.


Joe: you ever been ice fishing?
Elon: no, but I’d like to.
Joe totally missed Elon’s first attempt to make a friend.

Author — Lucky One