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Myanmar's Anti-Muslim Monks | AJ+ Docs3

Buddhist monks were a symbol of hope and defiance during the dark years of Myanmar’s military dictatorship. But as the country opens up to the world, some have taken a radically sectarian turn. Since 2012, violence has uprooted more than 150,000 members of the country's Muslim minority. And in July 2014, Buddhist mobs attacked Muslim homes and businesses in the second-largest city, Mandalay. Sparked by unfounded rumors that a Muslim man had raped a Buddhist woman, they were stoked by Ashin Wirathu, the leader of a large monastery, who posted the rumor to his Facebook account. Two people were killed, a Muslim and a Buddhist. Reporter Jason Motlagh traveled to Myanmar to meet Wirathu and find out why practitioners of a religion known for prizing compassion have come to fuel sectarian hatred.

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why only muslims have problem in whichever country they visit or stay...

Author — mohak ica


Once afghanistan was buddhist nation but now they are not even their history book.

Author — Mahesh Thakur


I appreciate the Burmese Buddhists who kicked out all these rotten dogs jihadis.

Author — Dev Param


So, in conclusion: Buddhists don't like muslims too. Not exactly a surprise. Just common sense.

Author — Vesselin Nikov


I think people have invented a new religion. It's called The Media, they only believe what The Media tells them.

Author — Hamim


hinduphobia, christianphobia, buddhistphobia, catholicphobia, aethetisphobia.

visit the church, hindu temple, buddhist temple and learn something new.

Author — Swee Yong


The fact that someone stopped him to do the interview is suspicious

Author — Essential Vibe


I liked your program what you are doing for minority’s. Please go to Pakistan and find out about Hindu population suffering

Author — Cracle Lakin


When budhh takes weapon or charge in their hand it means their is something really bad with so called religion of peace

Author — Daman Chaturvedi


Being religious is praising your creator not pushing political agenda !

Author — Bachir Ismail Igue


This video made me think that Myanmar is..the country that I don't want to visit, eventho only for a vacation 😅😅

Author — 1101rhinie


U worries about crime, then u attack first? That make u be criminal.

Author — mother galaxy


This is NONSENSE ... Buddhist are inherently non violent ..but this is a fight for survival... as Israeli PM Golda Meir has famously said ‘I understand that the Arabs want to finish us. But do they expect us to cooperate’.
So unless you believe that the Buddhists should cooperate in their own genocide, please stop this nonsense of labelling them as ‘sectarian’ or ‘intolerant’.
There has to be ZERO tolerance of Islamic Terrorism ..which is the historical reality.

Author — Nitin Kapoor


"The side that relies on Compassion must be Careful"
Can't remember the last Buddhist terror attack in the West! More power to these people for defending themselves. And as for the 'unbiased' me a Favor!!

Author — Min 1066


Hypocrite Media Your Propoganda dose not work in 21st century where Internet helps to Know the Truth this is not stone Age it's Digital Age

Author — Bikki Chettri


yaha, myanmar monk's re the great!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Author — sanjay tamang


How can one community crimes be labeled and questioned as alleged and other community as crimes committed? Biased reporting.

Author — Balaji Dayal


What a liar clear political agenda is there

Author — crusade music records


Interview stopped.. Wrong is always curious

Author — Zia Ullah Khan


Why all the hatred and anger? Why cant we just forgive one another?

Author — SPC Laser