'The Five' reacts to new fallout over CNN Russia spy report

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'The Five' reacts to new fallout over CNN Russia spy report5
CNN criticized for standing by disputed Russian spy report; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews

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CIA- Trump has zero to do with it.
Most liberal media- Trump has zero to do with it.
CNN- Are you saying Trump did this?

Author — Complete Controll


I like Condoleeza's remark about getting over it and Trump being voted in by people that showed up at the polls.

Author — Lee Rincones


CNN is lucky that their fake stories didn't get our spy in Russia killed. When are they going to be shut down or deported to Mexico or Russia. Boycott CNN's lieing and hate.

Author — A.J. Torzyk


*TREMENDOUS respect for Condi Rice. Such a classy lady*

Author — trumanhw


CNN and MSNBC viewers are deranged, delusional, authoritarian, intolerant Leftists who need to be committed. They are an extreme threat and danger to this country and the Constitution.

Author — Sentinel_Spyder. exe


Keep moving the goal post, Juan. True Democrat

Author — Tatsusama


Condi Rice set naive Savannah Guthrie straight with wisdom and class. NBC and CNN are staffed by impetuous children.💤

Author — x x


CNN IS the ENEMY of the American People!

Author — Dawn Witmer


Juan Williams auditioning for his new job over at CNN fake news

Author — R B


Leave it Juan to say how pretty the emperor's clothes are.

Author — RonRay


Juan you are correct. The President is the Big Man in the room!! Ms. Rice was totally beautiful in her condemnation of the question placed upon her!! She stated weather you like or dislike the President, give the credit to the Voters that put him there!! Amen Ms Rice!!

Author — Da Pumbaa Weapons Hog


Good for Condoleezza to shut down a stupid question!! However, and as usual, bad for corrupt cnn!

Author — TheOtherSide


omg you dont know how many people that i know of that didnt vote for trump but say the news changed there minds. trump will win easy thanks to the fake news

Author — Sassy Grsassy


When Trump gets re-elected they’ll say that Russia hacked his re-election too. Every election is hacked when democrats don’t win.

Author — WesleyAPEX


You can't fool me. Juan is a red herring. I think he draws the Democrats in so they can hear the truth.

Author — Jack Rabbit


CNN bought a TV channel here in Brazil. They will start doing fake news here too.

Author — Alma Brasileira


If CNN was a horse I would have to put it out of it's misery.

Author — veteran2000


Please send Juan to work for cnn. He’s a yard.

Author — Dennis Turner


Juan: "I don't think CNN have acted wrecklessly".

Well shut the front door and call me Shirley. I didn't see that coming...

Author — Winning Jubbly


There is no way Juan believes any of the words that come out of his mouth. I think he is way smarter than that. He gets paid good $$$ to act like the jack... democrat at the table.

Author — Jason Trammell