Could Greece and France stop Turkey from taking the eastern Mediterranean?

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Chapter three explores the warfare innovations in the Middle Ages.

Following recent events in Mediterranean Sea, we compare the military forces of Greece and Turkey, and we explore a possible French military intervention. Who'd control the Med? And just how much impact could France have?

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Yeah, Still I am surprised on how many five stars generals, Military Advisors, Strategists are in this comment section.

Author — Ryo Handoko


Turkey vs Greece
Winner: Us And France Weapons Industiries

Author — Serdar Aktaş


3% of Comments: Greeks vs Turks
90% of Comments: People who say real war is in comments

Author — Chris Tos


3:16 da mavi vatan yerine bu sikko haritayı kullanmış BM bile onaylamadı kendilerini avutuyorlar 😂 neyse bir dislike kazandılar

Author — Kadir Yılmaz


Turks and Greeks in the meantime: drinking rakı and uzo and arguing about if baklava is Turkish or Greek.

Author — Ekin Elçi


Im Greek, and i can assure Turkish people that we respect Turkey and its people, we want peace in both sides of that sea, this sea should unite us instead of divide us.

Author — Aro Ada


IF my grandma had balls, she would be called grandpa...

Author — Vangelis Skia


The best war is achieved with peace🇹🇷🇬🇷

Author — Golden Bros Squad


As a Turkish having many Greek friends I must tell that only the extremists from both sides hate each other. Both cultures have lived together for hundreds of years and are quite similar in many aspects except politics.

Author — Kevin Oz


Majority of Greeks and Turks: No war!

Comment section: We don't do that here

Author — Just Stealth


Don't buy house, buy a neighbour. It means we should learn the neighbourhood.

Author — Hasan


How about we all just unite against china?/ ;))

Author — Mike


Greece vs Turkey

USA: hey guys it's been a while so can I join too?

Author — positronlaserforce


I hope there won't be any war between Turkey and Greece.
Wish all of you a peacefull life

Author — dark knight


NO. Don't be yelling for a war. Leaders of both country are playing to the their voters in their country. Do you know, how many times this same movie played in the theaters?

Author — Edward T. Ergin


Imagine how much richer powerful and evolved those 2 countries would be if they where friends amd united

Author — Claptic.


you forgot to mention Greece's most power weapon - Kiriakos Grizzly!!!



Globalists want these two nations to fight each other. Like 100 years ago. There is no problem between the Turkish and Greek peoples. The problems are purely political. Turks and Greeks are two peoples who lived together for 400 years.

Author — Göktürk Okcu


Everybody expected a fight but non of the Turks or Greeks give a f... about it :-))))

Author — Onur A


Every chief of state and general is watching Binkov's Battlegrounds to know who would win without having to go at it IRL.

He's singlehandedly the reason why we don't have WW3.

Author — BestOfReddit