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My Hair Transplant Results (Turkey) - 7 Month Update:

Take a look at my hair transplant 7 month results in this detailed post op, before and after, 7 Month Update vlog.


On 6th November 2019, I flew to Istanbul in Turkey (from England) to undergo a 4000 graft FUE hair transplant procedure with 'Hair Of Istanbul'. The cost was £3000. Check out my experience here:

Hair Transplant in Turkey – My Journey:

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💬 Comments on the video

Rooney should’ve went to Hair Of Istanbul 😂 You’re hair is incredible! I’m definitely gonna get it done eventually

Author — Mr Unknown


This looks soo SICK! Much love from the Netherlands.

Author — Jerry B


This is a brilliant result and one that I hope that emulates on my barnet.
Nice to see that you have had a successful experience so far :)

Author — HairWolf


Just wanted to add that we need more people like you that are sharing their experience with us. Thank you.
I found your channel because i was looking for reviews and people's experience with "Hair of Istanbul" clinic. I'm planning to go there myself.
You have gotten a jackpot man. What a difference and what a result. Unbelievable, the framing of face, the density. You also have a great quality donor region. Just stunning. I can only hope i get similar result like you. Fingers crossed. Also i digg the arcade in the back. Thumbs up. Subbed and waiting for updates. Hope you get super thick crown asap.

Author — slyster12


It’s funny you bring up beard and chest hair, I have ample amounts myself..and plan to use beard and chest hair for my second procedure as my donor area is average at best.

Author — UA


I take collagen peptides as well and the same brand. It’s good stuff man.

Author — UA


Looks great mate! Another great vid with some on the point remarks I've done myself during my transplant! Thanks for sharing.

Author — Hairtransplant adventure DK - Turkey


Alright mate. Great update. Any chance you can recommend the hair fibres you use and how to apply them etc? Would be appreciated

Author — Channel SHU


Does minnie mee move on his own or do you position him? Lol

Author — UA


A site where to purchase Finasteride & vitamins that work.. I’m in the USA 🇺🇸 & yes Eugenix is a super long ✈️ flight.

Author — Juan Two 3


Looks really good! I just hit 4 months today.

Author — R. Azizzi


You're a new man! Fair Play, you look amazing! Awesome advice, awesome channel.

Author — A- man


Great results pal, the way you were like when you started to now is mindblowing. Im currently at month 2 so past the shedding phase and I can’t wait to see something huge happening but in fair I realise I’m only at the start and might have to wait another 2 months for things to really get going 🤞All the best to you and keep rocking that barnet 🤙🏻🤙🏻

Author — Johan Rijhkelaar


Another great video, your results already look 100% at just 7 months!😂 I’ve been meaning to ask you, do you find that you have more dandruff/flakes on your collars/shoulders?

Also, do you get any itchiness still?

Author — Shafiq Pereira


Hair of Istanbul quoted for me for almost twice as much as you payed. Do you have an idea why?

Author — Marcus15


You hair is looking amazing! It looks good a bit longer like that.

Author — David Maddaford


Very Nice result, please title of music in intro.

Author — Ya L


Can you use a thin tooth comb on your next update and comb it upwards on good natural lighting close up, so I can see how natural it is?

Author — Klyre Long


Wow, having numbness after procedure up to 6-7 months sounds like a lot!
Your hairline growth and thickness of hair is unbelievable. Doesn't look like it's been implanted a lot of grafts, but the density is amazing. Do you have a breakdown of grafts from your clinic? Just curious to see the numbers. Also do you happen to get thickness of your hair?
I'm now around 5 month mark and I noticed the same thing, best hair growth in hairline so far, but my hair is extremely thin (50 microns), so nothing near your result at the same time frame.
Keep us updating! I'm keen to see your final result mate.

Author — Mr. Rolandas


You really got good results! Great Video!

Author — Moises Amaya