Krystal Ball: The Overlooked Political Revolution Which Could Transform Left Politics Forever

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Krystal Ball discusses how progressive candidates are turning out in large numbers to run for political office.

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Down ballot and local races is where the political revolution begins.

Author — Связь Восток-Запад


Rhode Island progressives took Bernie's message to heart: "Not me -us!"

Author — panworks


I hope the People's Party takes note of this and works with all those involved, we need this in every single state and territory.

Author — Nathan


I’ll be even happier when Shahid Buttar takes Pelosi’s seat!

Author — Nettie Pearl


Brilliant opening… “Interrupt the regularly scheduled dystopian hellscape to bring you a tiny sliver of hope!”

Author — Kate Phillips


This made me cry. Bernie didn't win, but maybe we are starting to...

Author — the op kingdom


We need to stop pretending that we can take over the Dem's. We need to embrace the Movement for a People's party!

Author — Nambians


Krystal shines a light in to the darkness and gives me hope. I LOVE HER.

Author — Frank Gailey


I love how the main argument establishment dems had against Bernie was that he would hurt down ballot races. And they are continuously being proven wrong!

Author — Sherry Gautam


Revolution still coming, though it will be more than just political now.

Author — unitedstatesofmordor


We have no party. The dems are republicans. We need our own media as well.

Author — Mike Strohlein


Think about how outright EVIL a person has to be to want to cut Medicaid ... knowing that cuts will surely result in the death of tens of thousands of people, maybe more.

The same is also true of not giving Americans what every advanced industrial country has had for decades, universal healthcare. People will die and are dying bcause of that lack of coverage.

And then Biden LIES and says that, no, he is offering universal medical coverage in his ads. And then out of the other side of his mouth says that Medicare For All will never reach his

Krystal & Saager should step back from their excellent reporting and commentary and give some time to a segment they can call, "How Do They Sleep at Night?" And call out, on a daily basis, just how EVIL these people have to be to be doing what they're doing.

Author — Tony Figs


That's how we got rid of incumbent Dan Lipinski in Illinois, who by the way Pelosi endorsed, hard work paid off.

Author — A C


This is the most exciting, hopeful and inspiring news I've heard in a long time. Genius idea! 🤓

Author — Davinna Artibey


Rank Choice Voting as well people, make this a part of our great country

Author — Nicole T


This is how it starts, things like this take time.

Author — Drewchk


“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” A quote that needs to be spoken everywhere.

Author — Lady Elk


Dnc and Joe Biden colluded to dethrone BERNIE forom nomination

Author — kenny cypert


“Progressives” would be smarter to stop with national elections and for now, go after any and all local seats: school boards, city councils, clerks, mayors, etc. Build power from the bottom.

Author — B S


Please, stop referring to the Democratic Party as a 'left' party.

Author — David Goldstein