US foreign policy: Is America trying to solve its problems at everyone else’s expense?

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused several energy-exporting nations - including Russia - of posing a threat to liberty and freedom.

It was one of a number of key points made during his speech at an annual energy conference in Houston, Texas.

#RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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US never solves problems or helps humanity, on the contrary, US causes the problems and murders with cynicism and impunity.

Author — Steven Lee


Pompeo should have simply said either you buy form the US or you are going to be sanctioned pure and simple. The US Government is not "democratic and it is not interested in cooperation and making alliances" as Pompeo lies about shamelessly, the US still thinks it can coerce nations into their sphere of influence in reality the US is a collapsing ecnomic and political power and shall soon meet its end with the collapse of the Petrodollar.

Author — LVPN 1


It's Israel first, not America first.

Author — BTC JohnnyBeGoodNot


What does america export other than bombs and bullets?
Oh yea, forgot death and destruction.

Author — Ron Greenfield


america economy is going for a CRASH soon and it will have impact to global economy

Author — Theseus


As I write this comment...Chinook helicopters are flying over our house here in Costa Rica. Haven't seen this since the 80's...not nice memories. Attention Venezuela & Nicaragua...prepare amigos !!!

Author — Heiner Ali


Liberty and freedom for you to plunder resources and denying other nations' prosperity

Author — Agus Santoso


lolz, Pompeo,
Who would have thought that simply one year in CIA can turn a man to a lying sack of pig,
or, CIA only pick pigs.

Author — Kender


America is a gangster nation.
Running a protection racket on the rest of the world.

Author — Snakewhisperer


Everything America says in a derogatory way about other countries, especially eastern nations, is more true of them selves...

Author — assault and battery


The elites need a "bad guy" [Russia, etc] to justify its breaches of international law and monopoly on the world's resources.

Author — Rex Tristitia


"Liberty and freedom" what a scam.

Author — Gimme Some Truth


Honesty is the best policy and RT is on point.

Author — Standing Man


United States of Demonic and Satanic American

Author — Muhammad Zakuan Musa


American wants to intervene your country without permission.the mafia are above the law.

Author — Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen


Of course it is: America is an imperialist, ideologically deluded national exceptionalistic, full spectrum dominance Barbarian Empire clinging to the diminishing petro-dollar value of its fiat currency to maintain strategic global hegemonic resource, market, and military dominance, which abandoned diplomacy, withdrew its ambassadors, and traded foreign policy for corporate petro-fascism through what John Perkin’s identified in “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” as the three step process of bribery and corruption, assassinations and regime change, and finally military intervention.

Author — Mike Foss


USA is clearly preparing a WORLD WAR against Russia and China.

Author — Peter Panino


It's all about the Almighty Dollar, the American Almighty Dollar

Author — clarence midgett


Yeap America first to go down after a nuclear attack

Author — nickvj030


if countries are smart they will be independend from the usa and drop them as there partners and build there own economi and build your own modern big armed forces

Author — Gerald mcreary