Hepatitis C Overview-Mayo Clinic

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Mayo Clinic Dr. Michael Charlton provides an overview of Hepatitis C, including information on diagnosis and treatment.

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I'm glad there are awareness videos such as these....Saw the ugly part of Hep C take my mom's life sadly so it is indeed a silent killer

Author — SuperWarking


Pls am having problems and things I need clearer explanation on. After treating hep c, will it still show positive bcus of anti bodies ur body build while receiving treatment

Author — Mmaduagugbuo Henry


Note: one can also get Hep C through sharing insuflation (snorting) tools like straws, rolled paper, especially rolled money bills (thanks stranger or known person!) and the like. One hundred percent true phenomena reported often at rehabs and so forth.

Author — offisk dahl


Fortunately we have cures now in pill form with little side effects that eradicate the virus in as little as 8 weeks!

Author — Brucifer Mephistopheles


I have had Hep- C for many years now.and I've experienced so many MEAN people out there.I've been called NASTY.I've found no man wanting to date me because of this Virus. I don't hide the fact that I do have the Virus.I am very honest about that..What else can I do to make people UNDERSTAND?

Author — Sharon Fowler