Turkey launches offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria

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Turkey has launched a military offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. It came days after President Trump announced he would be pulling U.S. troops out of the region. The decision has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. Charlie D'Agata has the latest on the operation. Later, Jeff McCausland joins CBSN with a closer look at U.S. policy in Syria.

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This is sad the civilians out there never get a break from war

Author — Matthew medel


This shame will forever cling to the United States. Unconscionable. He sild the Kurds for arms sales to Turkey.

Author — J Engelmann


Would America’s First Dictator lie?

How will he personally profit from this?

Author — John Miranda


Just like Vietnam the US abandon them, when they know their enemy doing full force invasion.

Author — Legendre


Who would have guessed this would happen?..
The Trump and his 'infinite wisdom' now has blood all over his face and hands...
And of course The bloody Trump will do nothing but count his profits from the Trump/Erdogan business/financial ties.

Author — Stoney Curtis


I guess the Russians have a new Allie now, the Kurds

Author — kalbs89



The west keeps watching the numbers and make sure that there is more deaths than new children in the region.

Author — zbigniew463


"Who gave that damn bird a gun!"
"I don't know, but he sure knows how to shoot."

"Duck, incoming!"

Author — I'm gone


I can tell this news women very upset.She sounds heavily sedated?

Author — Wes Desilets


The logo of this chennal is one eye
Its the sign of isreal.
Thay are all against of turrky.
We love turky.frm pakiatan.

Author — Ak Niazi


Who needs enemies when they have friends like us??
Shame on us for turning our back on the very values that made us great in the first place!!

Author — Ps P


Trump: removes troops

Turkey: Ight bet

Author — Factors Known


Pulling Out all the Stops (aka How to make a Noise)
With tremendous unmatched wisdom
Trump knew what he should do
His ally he would throw
Under the bus to rue
The time that they agreed
To help the 'Ol US
But they did not expect
Trump - how could they guess
That defenders of truth
Justice and Liberty
Would make common cause at first
But then turn and walk away
Knowing full well the consequence
Could only turn out grim
But then what cares the Donald
When it's just all about him
Now with gunfire that surrounds
The ISIS beating Kurds
We wonder how Trump got the job
Of President - absurd
This narcissistic imbecile
What can be the attraction
Of one who makes up policy
Simply to cause distraction
For cynical as that may be
The man has got past form
In massive dissembling
For him that is the norm
So I won't apologise
If the conclusion that I've reached
Is the abandonment of Kurds
Coincides with Trump's being impeached
Not simply through misfortune
Or mere unlucky happenstance
But through calculated evil
While the whole world looks askance
As Trump pivots to avoid
His ever growing loss of face
And his removal from office
In ignominious disgrace

Author — A Wee Scots Dog


When you're in you're a guest, when you're out you're a pest.

Author — J D G


It’s amazing how republicans continue to let this idiot run the country into the ground

Author — Mr W


Gee, with such stable genius level diplomacy how can trump still be without a Nobel peace prize???

Author — Craig Savarese


The Kurds are a pawn in one big chess game.

Author — Truth hurts


This is disgusting no war should be happening. I'm sorry for those who didn't want any part of this.

Author — Problematic Gurl


So ... were the ISIS fighters sentenced to life imprisonment? The commentator is exactly right: we never had a strategy in Syria, so why keep pursuing a non-strategy?

Author — Lightning Driver


Everyone who wants us to go over and help the Kurds better go sign up for the military.

Author — OnwardSoldier