7 Finance Books That Changed My Life

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These 7 finance books changed my life, and they will help change yours as well.

1. The Richest Man in Babylon
2. The Millionaire Next Door
3. The Intelligent Investor
4. Think & Grow Rich
5. Total Money Makeover
6. The Bogleheads' Guide To Investing
7. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Each of these finance books contains nuggets of information for your to be able to grow wealthy over the course of your lifetime.

If you are serious about financial education, please watch this video until the end and share it with your friends and family.

A financially educated community will thrive and prosper over time!

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*What are your favorite finance related books? Did I miss any?*

Author — Marko - WhiteBoard Finance


I learned more useful info from Rich Dad Poor Dad than I did from my entire high school career 😂👍

Author — Chris Invests


Rich Dad Poor Dad was one of the red pill moments of my life.

Author — AB Nieves


Key is reading these books and then applying the lessons.

Author — Logical Finance


When I decided to get real about my finances I read every book on finance (from the library mostly) I could for a year. Some of them were crap, but most of them said the same things. Pay yourself first, pay your debts down, buy wisely and realize that it's a marathon and not a sprint. Knowledge really is power.

Author — PMSJL4809


Love the list...except Think and Grow Rich. Just too much 'just keep thinking what you want' and no real advice on the work it takes to get there. It's been a powerful motivator for a lot of people though so I guess that counts for points. I'd add to the list, "The Ascent of Money" by Ferguson - brilliant history of money and what drives how we think about finance and markets.

Author — Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA


“Credit cards are bad, don’t use the Devils plastic.” 🤣 great video Mark!

Author — Justin Houser


The Intelligent Investor is a hard boring read. Glad you got through it.

Author — murphyedhi


7 people down voted because you didn’t mention Clifford The Big Red Dog.

Author — BigManOnCampus


"The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" by John C. Bogle himself is a good one too. It's all about Index Funds like the Bogleheads book.

Author — Quan Nguyen


"Rich Dad Poop Dad" -the whiteboard

Author — Cameron Albert


Ramit Sethi’s book changed the way I looked at finances as a whole

Author — SenorTwoPhones


I listened to Rich Dad Poor Dad on a road trip. Easily the most valuable part of that vacation.

Author — CleanSC


"The New Rules of Money" by Ric Edelman started me on the road to financial health. Millionaire Next Door was another one.

Author — Just Rusty


The law of success. I herd good things about this book. It's also available on audio in utube I think.

Author — Under talk Over deliver


I'll keep it simple: Glass half full mentality. Discipline and marry a Virgo woman, they are crisp and fresh like Sav Blanc from New Zealand

Author — E Rodriguez


Wrong. When you buddy invites you to an Indians game, you go. YOU GO, MARKO.

Author — Jeremy Hall


"The Way to Wealth" by Benjamin Franklin.

Author — Matthew Foltz


I have read 5 out of 7. I have the Intelligent Investor but have not read it. Great list!

Author — Janeemat Ri


Great video. I was lucky enough to have been born with an obsession with money and finance and i read most of these books from age 19-23. Now that i am 42 i can say without doubt that these books work and should all be required reading in all high schools in the western world. My only regret is that someone in my family or friends did not give me these books even sooner!

Author — edward gofsky