BREAKING:Trump to Drop Bombshell on DOJ-Sessions-Counter Investigations of D.C.Swamp Coverups Begin

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BREAKING:Trump to Drop Bombshell on DOJ-Sessions-Counter Investigations of D.C.Swamp Coverups Begin5
BREAKING: President Trump to Drop Bombshell on DOJ - AG Jeff Sessions soon to be ousted as counter investigations of D C Swamp coverups kick into full gear.
Us & Them - Single by Federico Cardella
It is inane apples & oranges to compare President Trump's mighty quest to restore integrity. law & order and justice to government - to seedy Nixon's"Saturday Night Massacre." It will soon be even more difficult for the MSM & liberal talking heads to make this insipid comparison as Wikileaks & other Whistle blowers come together to submit damning EVIDENCE that Mueller not only is on a smoke & mirrors witch hunt to destroy the MAGA Trump Presidency- but he will spare no family member, associate or Trump supporter in the corrupt process if they stand in the way. But people will sooner or later "reap where they sow." So now comes VAULT 7 revelations & formerly "top secret" communiques gleaned from the deep state sheaves by all American whistleblowers & patriots with still a flicker of what George Washington refereed to as "that little celestial spark from Heaven that we call conscience" - yes- their consciences troubled from deep within the intelligence communities. They are now that despise the treason, corruption and duplicity against JUSTICE - corruption & coverups that are eating away at the very fabric and underpinnings of our great & free Republic. President Donald J. Trump vowed as a candidate to drain the swamp and he is doing just that by soon removing an anemic & recused Deep State AG Jeff Sessions, obstructors of real justice- Rod Rosenstein and Nazi styled, tyrannical Special Counsel Bob Mueller. Andrew McCabe, Jim Comey, Susan Rice etc. and many others will be facing justice soon as a new and energized patriotic, Constitutionalist-anti- elitist, non-Washington insider is appointed as new head of the Department of Justice. Silly how the liberals will try and compare such clean up by our President as a Nixonian Saturday Night Massacre. This is because President Trump was never a Washington insider to begin with but a populist President who was elected with a mandate from the American voters to clean the swamp and who has done nothing wrong (unlike Slick Dick and Slick Willie). Justice may be served when a leader's hands are clean and he works very hard to serve the American people has this President has. God will honor the attempt to restore our government to transparency and integrity and one that represents the true hopes and aspirations of the American people - for God will soon reveal all those deeds which have been done in secret - whether they be good- or whether they be evil.
PDJT is well aware that Bob Mueller & Rosenstein have been covering up the illegal surveillance, spying, leaks, Uranium One Hillary-Clinton Foundation "pay for play". illegal payment for the fake Russian Dossier of Fusion GPS & Christopher Steele- cover ups since the aftermath of September 11th - Stellar Wind. illegal spying on Americans without a FISA warrant, Benghazi coverup, Hillary Clinton's storage of highly classified documents on a private server which was breached multiple times by foreign enemies & then to obstruct justice she bleach bitted away 33,000 confidential emails - Uranium One-Giustra Kazakhstan money laundering and Wyoming US Uranium transfers to foreign enemies for payoffs to Clinton Foundation, going back to Ruby Ridge, Waco attack, etc.& ad nauseum ...
Goodbye to NWO Deep State coward Sessions. Rosenstein & Mueller. MAGA. Drain the Swamp! Long live President Trump & the Republic- ONE NATION UNDER GOD!
Thank you for your continued support for these reports. News before the news that tells you like it is. (fc)
Desire by Federico Cardella
Us & Them - Single by Federico Cardella
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Fire Sessions unless he fired Mueller. Now. Enough is enough. Done

Author — Renee Podesta


Appoint special counsel?... Hell sessions needs to be investigated by a special counsel.

Author — danuta



Author — Eric King


The ONLY way Sessions can recoup himself is that he's had investigations going on all along in secret and doing it in secret so the investigators are protected from being killed by Hillary - known world wide as THE BUTCHER !. The last two investigators who tried to investigate her openly she killed ! So he may have a secret investigation going on so the investigators can stay alive.
Unless that is the case, Sessions will never be seen as a good guy !
But as one of the demons who took down America.

Author — CSAcitizen Feather


Right out of " Rules for Radicals ". !!

Author — lavonne younan


I totally agree with this video. Sessions is a good man that got old, and lost his drive. Sadly Sessions is sitting in a hole office full of Obama traitors who are controlling him. If Sessions were 10 years younger he would of cleaned house, now he's like an old lady who is sticking up for the young hood in the area because he is nice to her. And I have lost all respect for Gowdy! He should know better, and be able to connect the dots. It's like Gowdy can't get his mind around the fact that officers of the court might be corrupt.

Author — dlholmes111


George Carlin said it

"It's one big and WE AIN'T IN IT!!!!"

Author — Ozzie Crosby


Jeff needs to step down he is part of the problem total crook

Author — Trixter808


I used to love Betreyus Gowdus until I woke up. Sessions is Totally Deep State!!! Always has been.

Author — wanagi horse


Robert mueller should be tried, convicted and executed for high treason and his family run out of the country

Author — A P


FIRE THAT COWARD JEFF He is nothing more than a traitor to the American people!

Author — M Schoenfuss


They are the enemy, you have the ok to take them out.

Author — White Rabbit


Congress has enough to impeach Sessions, why aren't they doing it?

Author — Jimi Harris


It is being/has been going on for long time!

Author — joe bob


Your a thief, , , scumbag... She is a SAUL ALINSKY PLAYBOOK TACTICS DEFLECT ACCUSE...

Author — Rudy Rutan


IN Order to betray Someone you Need to be véry Close to that Person ! as Jessus. was betrayed by Who Did Dip in the cup with Him ! Jeff Session was Close with President President​ Trump and did Dip with Him during a Election. But if GOD set up Donald Trump as a President of united States He Will keep Him and protect Him and if Not will be the End of Him soon !!???

Author — kam taha


Hey Let's Get a Petition to Send Them All for a Free "Getmo" Vacation, Tax Payers Will Pay?

Author — hunter97850g


keep your enemies close. watch them expose themselves before the public.

Author — Eighthwonderproject


126 deaths related to Clinton. None have been honestly investigated. She’s a traitor and a lot of other things. You or I would have been rotting in prison a long time ago or we would have been executed.

Author — Mary Crum


NEVER FORGET Waco and Ruby Ridge was the Clinton's anti-gun cause .

Author — MRMAX