Personal Finance Basics In 8 Minutes With Ramit Sethi

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Ramit Sethi, Personal finance guru & author, shares some AMAZING personal finance tips & education to help you get out of debt, save money, and invest conservatively to achieve financial independence!

This is only 8 minutes of Ramit's full interview on the BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

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100, 000K a year is not what I would associate with living "paycheck to paycheck" lol.

Author — Micah Buzan


Ramit’s book was such an impactful book for my personal finance journey. I just hit $500, 000 net worth and it feels great to have a strong personal finance plan. Thanks for the wisdom!

Author — Andy Slye


Becoming a millionaire has a lot to do with your money management skill and investment experience. I used to try investing my own and I wasn't satisfied with my results so I sort the hlep of(AlysiaTheola Baker) a financial adviser.. I put in $40k as a startup capital in few months she turned out $120k. I just got a new car on hire-purchace and i will diversify into property rentals, thanks to miss Alysia, feel free to connect with her via Linkedin
, she rocks!

Author — Abey Ahmik


"$3 per day doesn't even add up to that much" I guess $1095 per year isn't that much. I get you point but $1095 per year is my property tax

Author — Kristiyan Rukov


Paycheck to paycheck keeps the masses going. BREAK away. Great vid

Author — Carson Bonner


I drink instant coffee from ALDI and I’m proud of it

Author — living the outdoor dream


Tripod of stability I like that - so important for peace of mind

Author — Parker Antoine


Whoot, I'm currently listening to his audio book :D

Author — Jenny Wu


Ramit you are on point looking forward to getting your book . I have started other resources for income cleaning business and
Ebay business and starting real-state investing living a very frugal life and putting back 75% of my income to buy investment properties .
I make my own ice coffee with freshly brewed coffee and sugar and milk and ice and it only cost me .55 cents and not five or six dollars at a coffee house.

Author — D Powell


Great one Ramit! Loved your book too!!

Author — Daniel Iles


This was my first time hearing of the CEO strategy; I definitely will be applying them to my day to day now.



Buying a home is absolutely the place to make smart use of debt. Thinking differently about mortgages vs personal loans or credit card debt is important.

Author — Squintillions


This explains why I am doing the baby steps from Dave Ramsey almost all at the same time.

Author — Minnie C Riley


Time is truly our most precious resource. Being frugal and cutting out the fat in your budget isn't simply a masochistic exercise. You are literally buying yourself more stress-free years. It shouldn't be weird, or looked down on to be frugal; if only everyone knew at 20 years old what people understand at age 60.
-Personal Finance Professor

Author — Personal Finance Professor


Love you Scott & Mindy! This was a great podcast (as usual). You guys always mention "going really long at 1 hr" but I could easily listen for 2+ hrs!

Author — s diggly


Please enlighten me more about Optimize Spending. I really appreciate it

Author — Faez Mohtar


Heads up: you spelled “minutes” wrong in your video thumbnail

Author — James Hush


Personal finance channels like these motivated me to start my own

Author — Kamal Goulbourne


Great podcast! A lot of important advice. I think that a good understanding of accounting will show you how to think about your personal finances.

Author — Financial Counting


Any savings in a day add up in a month or in a year.

Author — david tompkins