Personal Finance Basics In 8 Minutes With Ramit Sethi

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Ramit Sethi, Personal finance guru & author, shares some AMAZING personal finance tips & education to help you get out of debt, save money, and invest conservatively to achieve financial independence!

This is only 8 minutes of Ramit's full interview on the BiggerPockets Money Podcast.

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Ramit’s book was such an impactful book for my personal finance journey. I just hit $500, 000 net worth and it feels great to have a strong personal finance plan. Thanks for the wisdom!

Author — Andy Slye


100, 000K a year is not what I would associate with living "paycheck to paycheck" lol.

Author — Micah Buzan


I think is more like saving and then investing, the world of Investing is changing and allowing in new participants at every turn. The best way to secure once future is through investing and as an individual seeking a good financial future these should be your ultimate goal.

Author — Tim Coady


"$3 per day doesn't even add up to that much" I guess $1095 per year isn't that much. I get you point but $1095 per year is my property tax

Author — Kristiyan Rukov


This was my first time hearing of the CEO strategy; I definitely will be applying them to my day to day now.



I drink instant coffee from ALDI and I’m proud of it

Author — Hand me down Outdoors


Becoming a millionaire has a lot to do with your money management skill and investment experience. I used to try investing my own and I wasn't satisfied with my results so I sort the hlep of(AlysiaTheola Baker) a financial adviser.. I put in $40k as a startup capital in few months she turned out $120k. I just got a new car on hire-purchace and i will diversify into property rentals, thanks to miss Alysia, feel free to connect with her via Linkedin
, she rocks!

Author — Abey Ahmik


Paycheck to paycheck keeps the masses going. BREAK away. Great vid

Author — Carson Bonner


Tripod of stability I like that - so important for peace of mind

Author — Parker Antoine


Whoot, I'm currently listening to his audio book :D

Author — Jenny Wu


Great one Ramit! Loved your book too!!

Author — Daniel Iles


Please enlighten me more about Optimize Spending. I really appreciate it

Author — Faez Mohtar


Time is truly our most precious resource. Being frugal and cutting out the fat in your budget isn't simply a masochistic exercise. You are literally buying yourself more stress-free years. It shouldn't be weird, or looked down on to be frugal; if only everyone knew at 20 years old what people understand at age 60.
-Personal Finance Professor

Author — Personal Finance Professor


Any savings in a day add up in a month or in a year.

Author — david tompkins


This explains why I am doing the baby steps from Dave Ramsey almost all at the same time.

Author — Minnie C Riley


Becoming a millionaire has a lot to do with increasing income!!

Author — Wealth Favor


Buying a home is absolutely the place to make smart use of debt. Thinking differently about mortgages vs personal loans or credit card debt is important.

Author — Squintillions


Ramit you are on point looking forward to getting your book . I have started other resources for income cleaning business and
Ebay business and starting real-state investing living a very frugal life and putting back 75% of my income to buy investment properties .
I make my own ice coffee with freshly brewed coffee and sugar and milk and ice and it only cost me .55 cents and not five or six dollars at a coffee house.

Author — D Powell


Heads up: you spelled “minutes” wrong in your video thumbnail

Author — James Hush


Personal finance channels like these motivated me to start my own

Author — Kamal Goulbourne