Prime Time With Ravish, July 19, 2019 | Three Beaten To Death On Suspicion Of Cattle Theft In Bihar

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Three men were beaten to death at a village in Bihar by a crowd that accused them of stealing cattle, police said on Friday. Police said the three were spotted at around 4:30 am at Baniyapur village in Saran district with a pick-up truck that allegedly had cattle. Villagers caught hold of the men and beat them mercilessly until they collapsed. (Audio in Hindi)

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Ravish na Hindu he na Musalman, o ek jinda Insaan he PURA Desh mein...

Author — Mirov 1982


Mujhe bahut ashchry lgta h log world cup k semi final m harne pe rone lgte hai par esi ghatnay unki sanvedna nhi jga pati

Author — Varsha Mishra


Thank you BJP... Gandhi ji will be so proud today.

Author — Anil Varma


Credit of murder goes to godhi media which spread hatred



Itna fraustration hai...we can't even imagine ....we r no more human being 😠😠😠

Author — फेकू की फ़कीरी सूट लाख कड़ोरी


एक कदम सिरिया की ओर
मोदी हैं तो मुमकिन है 😂👌✔️

Author — RAJ KUMAR


Feeling pained ...
How can people become so violent that they take human life .

Author — Nisha Bharti


Taliban se bhi badtar hal hota ja raha hai india ka.. Aise kritya talibani hi toh karte h

Author — sugreev yadav


India was never this bad before corrupt BJP and Modi came to power.

Author — D Strokes


It's happen again and it's
Happen only in incredible Yogi India wow

Author — Juife Ok


Shame on some of these police who are equally responsible for not taking care of law & order

Author — Azad Hind


"If you incite a mob, good luck controlling it". Earlier the victims were Muslims, now the hindus. Wait for some more time, and then anybody can be a victim.

Author — Srv


लोगों को पुलिस पे भरोसा ही ना रहा क्या? क्या पुलिस सभी जनता के प्रति दो नजरिया रखता है?

Author — sumer kumar


Thank God this bjp edits are not in kerala

Author — Baby Smart


Great man...what a points noticed...Truth reporter...sir.

Author — Mr Khan


Ravish ji _ India me Mob lynching, Rti problem, Corruption, n emotional Jumla Indian's no1 desh bhakti... Insan se bandar hi hote ja rahe hain🙊🙉🙈

Author — Shiv Sankar Sinha


There should be a warning painted on them ‘Cows are injurious to health’ ‘Cows can cause death’

Author — Sunil Bhardwaj


parliament used ti be a sacred place 60 years ago.. history will remember them all and all their deeds.. these mps are shame on India

Author — Abhinav singh Parmar


When I used to watch the heinous videos of ISIS, I would thank my stars that I was an indian n nothing like this would ever touch my country.... God how far we have fallen...

Author — Arwa neutral


😢😢 क्या इंसानियत खत्म होगई ?

आखिर लोग इतनी क्रूरता कहासे लाते है ?

क्या किसी की जान का कोई मोल नही ?

जब ऐसी घटना घटती हैं तो मितक़ के परिवार का क्या हाल होता होंगा ?
क्या सरकार कोई लिंचिंग पे कानून लाएंगी?

अगर ऐसा ही चलता रहेगा तो सोचो हमारा देश कब आगे बढ़ेगा ?😢😢

Author — Munna Bhai