Hitchhiking IRAQ - IRAN BORDER 🇮🇶(Driver tried to kiss me)

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-Last Video: A Scare with the Iran Military:

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Author — Indigo Traveller


Mate, it's a cultural things in Iran when men say goodbye or hello they kiss each other. Nothing to worry about :))
I was in southern Italy last year, they do the same.

Author — Steve Jobs


he kissed you and told "refigh/doost" which means mate/friend in Persian. and doesn't want money cause you are his mate and said.stay here, my son will come to drive you around and help you...
in Iran its not odd thing two man kiss each other on cheeks(it's pretty common), sign of friendship and respect not homosexuality

Author — Nader Yeganeh


Bro the kisses doesn’t mean anything no homo they do that is a form of respect

Author — arsmil a


at 7:20 the guy calls his bald friend Jonny Sins 😂😂😂😂

Author — Random Hub


Not everything is bad like the news tells us !! IRAN 🇮🇷 is a beautiful country and they have real nice people ..

Author — Obama Fan


I am LOVING your videos of IRAN, I am flying there in a few days for a 20day long trip around the country... Super excited!

Author — Fred Larsen


Hey my friend... in iran we usually kiss each other for hello and bye...

We love you
We love life
We love music and dance...


Author — مهدی زارعی


Iran looks super exciting! Very friendly people and beautiful landscape and architecture.
Greetings from Denmark :)

Author — ?


"Driver tried to French kiss me multiple times.. One kiss after another." I'm kinda thinking that was consensual & more took place off camera, lol

Author — Steve H


He said:
" wait here and he's gonna come here to get you there "
Probably he arranged with someone to give you a ride to your destination.
BTW he said " friend, buddy" just the moment he kissed you 3 TIMES.
Don't worry about it. When we really like a dude we kiss him 3 times.
It a custom here.

Author — Awdell Izadysadr


"maybe waited for something else.." 🤣 That's a normal thing in the middle east though, and has nothing sexual about it. Also in Ethiopia, I'm surprised it didn't happen to you there 🤣

Author — Hiwet G


Iranians are great people. I miss their pistachio nuts,

Author — Andrew Solomon


Iranian cities like Shiraz, Isfahan are very historic and supposed to be very beautiful. Hoping that you would be making a vlog about them too.

Author — A A


It’s a tradition don’t worry mate he said rafigh which means friend. In France and other Arab countries this is a tradition.

Author — Armin Vargas


This is my favorite thing to watch on the internet right now.

Author — Professor Terguson


I like the way of how the locals pronounce New Zealand.

Where are you from? Oh I am from New Zealand

Oh Newzland!

Author — Mr.Logic23


Every time you say "Iraq" it sounds like you say "a Rock" 😂😂

Author — Nickan Zohrevand


Man, you have been travelling through the most strange regions for an international visitor in Iran. I'm from Shiraz and I'm surprised that you are going to skip Shiraz!!! Shiraz is one of the most visited tourist detonations in Iran. I have never been to those regions myself. I greatly admire the adventurous soul you are!

By the way, don't worry about the man tried to kiss you, kissing 3 times on the chick is common between men and women (who are intimate) in Iran, though, I do believe the driver was rude as you are not familiar with the culture here meaning he should have kept the distance. But it's OK, some people are just weirdos :)

Author — Bamdad JKR


i live 500m from your hotel watching this .... so weird
btw if you want to go to tehran train is the best option ... there's a travel agency right under the hotel you prob can buy ticket there
the western part of the country is not that interesting to see , maybe kurdistan region

Author — max zak