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Budgeting is where you should start if you’re new to personal finance. In this week’s video, we’ll be talking about the WHAT, WHY, & HOWs of Budgeting. This is Budgeting 101 for beginners.

Dealing with personal finances, especially since it’s not taught in school can be quite hard and confusing. I hope this video and this channel will help you out in the challenges we are facing right now with personal finance, entrepreneurship and adulting in general.

►Outline :
Introduction : 0:00
Start of Video : 0:19
What is Budgeting: 1:28
Why it’s important to Budget : 2:15
How-#1 : 4:46
How-#2 : 5:29
How-#3 : 6:44
How-#4 : 9:03
How-#5 : 10:24
How-#6 : 12:33
How-#7 : 13:30
How-#8 : 13:56
Final Thoughts: 14:48


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Ang galing!!! Very systematic, very organized yet very personal! Anyone can do this as long as we take time.

I'll definitely apply these. 😍 Medyo hirap lang ako sa back track cus I tend to be OC sa mga little expenses hahah!

PS. Ang amazing nung NO SPEND MONTH kasi Napa spend na agad ako 🤣 But, without it, I wouldn't be conscious na I should not have spent that. I may have "failed" yung no spend month but at least I was able to start with being more aware of my spending 😍

PPS. Thank you so much for your vids. Sobrang helpful talaga in adulting hahaha! Keep doing your great work 😊

Author — unli rhys


my sister recommended your channel para di nako ma tingbits! haha new subscriber here ☺️ thanks for sharing! ❤️🥺

Author — Zephorah


This voice is so nice and the words are great.. 😊☺️



Hi can u make a content solely for the 20% savings? Or maybe pls elaborate the specification of the 20% savings. Just really confuse if investments and other funds (e.g emergency funds) are already included or lahi pa sya sa savings?

Author — Melissa Tan


Continously learning through your videos. Very helpful fr

Author — Matthew Alcober


Thank you sa pagshare mo ng knowledge, Sis. You don't have any idea gano ako naiinspire at natututo sa videos mo. You are amazing! 🌟

Please recommend Best Finance Books. Thank youuu! 💗

Author — Nicole Lapira


Very interesting! Thank you for doing this video. Very helpful to us gen z. 💯🙏

Author — Nathalie Tabora


Napakatimely talaga ng mga educational vids mo. Very informative.

Author — Milo Serquina


Hi po do u listen to music whenever you're planning? Do u have any strategies to share how to effectively be focus on what we're're doing?

Author — uzi prems


I am an 16 years old student po, and I am really inspired by you po to do budgeting

Author — Elizabeth Bigornia


Thank you for sharing valuable pieces of information, Charm! You're a gem! Keep us posted! ;)

Author — Lisa Cortes


Hi Miss Charm, I already have Cimb Upsave, is it okay if I open another Gsave account? Thank you 😊

Author — Keesh & Carl


hi po. what can u say po regarding sa mga banks na nag ooffer ng free life insurance if u open a savings account? whats the difference?

Author — Melody Aves


I love your background setup in this video! looks so much better bc it represents your personality and perspective. plus it gives color by making it look lively and interesting 🥳

Author — Krizia Joy Rivera


Ate charm, nag iiba-iba yung focus ng cam mo.

Author — REX :D


Video suggestion:starting business for begginers po....documents requirements after college.. Thanku po

Author — KJ


You kinda look like my girlfriend haha you have the same body size lol

Author — R r


love learning even if I'm in my late 20s already ❤️

Author — Glaiza Journals


Thank you for this kind of video Miss Charm!


Author — NAT


Thank you for this!!! It’s so simple and I got motivated since I may be starting my first job this month 😊

Author — Jam Victa