What is Finance

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i don't have words to appreciate your work....just awesome and wonderful! hats off!

Author — zia afridi


Have you ever wondered what is the differences between Merger, Acquisition and Turnaround?

Here is the simplest explanation of these with Reali Life Examples.

Follow the link for more relevant videos-

#acquisitions #investments #finance

Author — Ankit Jaiswal


Thank you so much this has helped me with my studying because this one of my subjects for next year.

Author — uzixcomps


Nicely explained. Thank you for the video.

Author — FST Study


Good . video with clear explanation on finance.

Author — Programmer Novice


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Author — panedole


As your first video I appreciate your efforts💖

Author — Vinod Mehra


Good explanation thank you Sir g so much

Author — Ahmad Ullah