MARVEL SPLENDOR Board Game 2 Player Playthrough

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Pat and Glai do a full playthrough of the board game Marvel Splendor. In this engine-building game you will collect Infinity Stone tokens to recruit Super Heroes and Villains which help you to claim the Infinity Gauntlet and stop Thanos from ending the world!

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Marvel Splendor Board Game Full Playthrough (E29)


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I enjoyed Nikki and Lincoln's playthrough so thought I'd see how you guys go.

Author — Board Game Gran


This was a great video! Can’t wait to see more videos!! Thanks!

Author — Bruce Smith


This is a great how to play! Thank you!

Author — Justin Beard


so do you like the game and recommend it?

Author — Michael Lausenmeyer


I've been thinking about purchasing the original version of this game but after seeing your play through I would definitely get the Marvel version instead.

Author — D Jackson


Your videos are really, really well made. Just enough explaining, good quality video and sound and well edited. Obviously, these words are not much comfort for you Pat, after being so mercilessly crushed by Glai...

Author — SIrbrastias