Black Hole Size Comparison 2018

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Planets and stars can be really big, but they pale in comparison to some of the largest black holes out there. In this video, we take a look at the full size range of black holes, from collapsed stellar remnants the size of a city to the solar system-sized monsters that dominate galaxies.

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Looks like S5 has been topped!
I've been thinking of doing another type of video as well as comparisons, maybe every week or two while uploading comparisons at the same rate as usual. If you have any suggestions let me know!

Author — Harry Evett


Not that big, it all fits in my phone.

Author — BackMasking33


Black holes fascinate but terrify me at the same time, it genuinely gives me anxiety

Author — Epstein’s murderer


thank you for messing with my brain before going to bed.
good night.

Author — Ashish Upadhye


4:08 That, That right there. That Black hole. M87. Was photographed and released on April 10th, 2019. History was made.

Author — w1ll


He -Protecc-
He *Attacc*

But Most Importantly, He Blacc

Author — Draco The Dragon8000


Never has a video with so much empty black space excited me so much. It’s basically a collection of dark blobs but it’s so beautiful.

Author — lacountess


Video: *shows the city of London for comparison*
Me: okay
Video: Zooms out really far
Me: Oh no
Video: *shows Earth and a similar sized black hole*
Me: Oh, thank god-
Video: *zooms out SUPER far*
Me: *crap*
Video after a while: *shows TON 618*
Me: *literally speechless*

Author — Crystal 13


Stephen hawking hasn’t even see the thing he spend his entire life studying

Author — Kyle Donald


*"Sometime this year, the first omage of a black hole will be released"*
You're not entirely wrong.

Author — Duchi


Yet these monstrosities are just specks within an infinite universe.

Author — Veritech Girl


Blackhole-chan is pleased to consume any matter in its path

Author — Burger Deluxe


TON 618
Me : hmm saturn + black hole 🤔🤔🤔

My head : SaHole?

Author — Roblox And More!


no matter how big they are
they still fit on my 18 inch computer screen :D

Author — Tech Gaming


we need a new video Harry.. now more than ever ..after this historic achievement of April 10, 2019

Author — Saptarshi Dutta


Damn. When you put the Sun next to TON, that REALLY put things into perspective.

Author — Dion


I guess you can say the largest blackhole had a _ton_ of mass

Author — Sad Giraffe


Imagine TON 618 next to a -spark- quark :P

oh wait you can't

Author — ComHelper


And to think, TON618 isnt even the biggest. Gonna need to called the next one Keanu2077

Author — MarloSoBalJr


universe is my dream I aant to see each and everything that exists!!!!
but that is impossible

Author — Princess of natural HELLO