Bringing Down Baghdadi I A VICE News Report

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On the very first VICE News Reports on VICELAND, we bring you an inside look at how Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s henchmen did his bidding, what led to his downfall, and why he was ultimately killed in Idlib, a territory not controlled by ISIS. Look for more VICE News Reports coming soon.

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If you use women and children as a shield.... yes you are a coward....

Author — jaco Kruger


Isobel is so underrated as a reporter like she looks danger in the eyes and stays professional

Author — Moryah Summers


this man goes into a war zone with skinny jeans

Author — Gus Hageman


"Yesterday she was playing with me. To Bashar al-Asad, she is a terrorist." - The poor father's cry who just lost his little child, breaks my heart.

Author — Rezwanur Rahman


If Bhagdadi didn't pay his taxes, the IRS would have captured him in 2013

Author — Zack


I honestly loved how professional the reporter was when talking to the 2 criminals she deserves s a lot of credit

Author — XOUT LAST


he didn't call him a coward in the clip. He said he "died like a coward" he blew himself and people around him, pretty coward like.

Author — fishon9 Stoffal


The problem here isn’t one person, the problem here is that this has become an ideology. It’s an idea that has just been infected in their head . Try eradicating that

Author — Jose perez


I call him Bagh, ain’t no man that ain’t my father gonna catch me calling him daddy.

Author — GOLDENSPIKE3000


Those 2 captured dudes are beyond evil you can see it in there eyes

Author — Cameron Schlobohm


"-Yes, I had good times, good memories...." Yeah, between all the slaughter and terror. I hope those never walk among the rest of us.

Author — Per Keyser


The two guys interviewed are totally demons the way the talk and answer the question! They have no mercy to include innocent people and kill.

Author — SuPeRjDm. com


15:41 guys even laughing. He has no regrets & releasing him would be catastrophic for sure

Author — James Smith


sadness is they say they are muslims, but they are actually enemies of muslims...

Author — Mohd Amer


Those guys are scumbags. They look too comfortable

Author — Lane S


These ISIS members are seriously brainwashed.
God show them right path.

Author — Himanshu Bhad


15:11 why are those two butchers still alive ?

Author — Iulian Ortodox


Nah bro, he IS a coward. He died like one too. Period.

Author — Jay Eli


Look at his body language he behaves like an insecure liar 15:20 - 16:00
Mouth is saying one thing but demeanor is saying something different

Author — Pat Miskiewicz


Any men that puts children in danger like he did, he is a coward.