Bringing Down Baghdadi I A VICE News Report

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On the very first VICE News Reports on VICELAND, we bring you an inside look at how Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s henchmen did his bidding, what led to his downfall, and why he was ultimately killed in Idlib, a territory not controlled by ISIS. Look for more VICE News Reports coming soon.

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Those 2 captured dudes are beyond evil you can see it in there eyes

Author — Cameron Schlobohm


He died hiding behind his children~~~ that's a coward!

Author — Ignatius humble


Isis members should be given the death penalty.

Author — Arcana Imperii


I’d kill every single isis member they have captured. They deserve the death sentence.

Author — Doug Dickerson


that bastard talking bout 'good times and memorable moments' like he was in summer camp... i hope they pull his teeth out with pliars

Author — Jodash Serasinghe


If Bhagdadi didn't pay his taxes, the IRS would have captured him in 2013

Author — Zack


Give major respect to those reporters that risked their lives in the warzone for information

Author — Peter Ng


I'm really disappointed this wasn't called "bagging Al Baghdadi" lol

Author — toolittoquit


The Beatles are only being "remorseful" because they got caught plain and simple. Given the chance they would probably chop off that reporter's head with no hesitation

Author — Jonathan Choi


That doctor is a goddamn hero. I imagine that as a doctor, he's probably one of the few civilians in the area that has the means to get the hell out of there and save himself but he's still there trying to save peoples lives. Incredible.

Author — HokiePitcher22


Those guys are scumbags. They look too comfortable

Author — Lane S


Isis kills many*

Bangdadi: *see dog* *explodes himself*

Author — Ree Rip


I feel like that journalist just wasted her time with those two prisoners.

Author — chavezchavo


you can obviously see that they dont regret anything
They are proud

Author — Der Kafkaeske


How can those two "beatles" still be alive? Dont you have any men in England?

Author — Ann Ahl


Two idiots trying to sound intelligent in their reasoning Why give them the air time.

Author — Rassa Eyeswideopen Whelan


No matter the process, these ISIS fighters have been turned into disgusting animalistic zealots

Author — LateNightRewrites


God Bless those Delta Force operators and their bravery along with that dog.

Author — The Devils Own


2 idiots should be allowed to be “handled” by Belgian malinois

Author — Chef Tronomics


He smiles and says, he doesn't know what a crucifiction is. Very convincing.

Author — teflontelefon