Hurricane Dorian: aerial footage shows Bahamas destruction

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Hurricane Dorian: aerial footage shows Bahamas destruction4.5
Aerial footage taken on Wednesday shows utter devastation in Marsh Harbour, one of the first places in the Bahamas ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. The video recorded over the Bahamas' Great Abaco Island showed mile upon mile of flooded neighbourhoods, pulverised buildings, upturned boats and shipping containers scattered like toys. Many buildings that had not been flattened had walls or roofs partly ripped away. “We are in the midst of a historic tragedy,” said the Bahamian prime minister, Hubert Minnis. “The devastation is unprecedented and extensive.”

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There will be a point when storms become so powerful and frequent that these islands will no longer be habitable. Its really not that far off.

Author — Name Last


For mother nature, we humans are just ant-farm creatures.

Author — thucydides Neo


Nature is insanely powerful. Prayers for everyone

Author — Driven 2015


Is this the Harbor that the Chinese Government purchased? Hope the people get assistance quickly! 💗

Author — rumoret


This will become a yearly norm for islands...and low lying coasts.

Author — Dahmen Piotraschke


Guardian seems to be best coverage, not talking heads in news room., thank you

Author — GetReady4LiftOff


Ooh my...this is huge! So sorry for all the people there. Hope the help will come from all over the world. And not just a little bit...but enough!

Author — Fili


Did not one weather forecast accurately predicted this Hurricane
and warned the people living there that a storm was on its way coming to town

Author — Wat IsDit



Author — L G


I played this in slow-mo, it really lets you see the damage. Terrible doesn't even go near it to describe it.

Author — TheRange


Poor people, that sucks. Im in TX I hope we dont get hit aswell.

Author — Josue Martinez


Reminds me of the Mississippi gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina

Author — Nola0187 H


what in the hell did you expect to see? it was 220 mph gusts for over 48 hours.

Author — ACG Medical


you can fool nature one time but u can't fool nature all the time

Author — Rico Berserker


I was thinking about moving to the Bahamas.
I guess they don't want anyone to live there anymore.

Author — Jeffrey Parks aka Jenasus


Manmade Haarp storm did that wake up people ...

Author — Beaullah Lothbrok


I remember it being said of the weather, in '87, that due to climate change it would becomme increasingly more extreme and more chaotic.

Best long range weather forecast ever.

Author — Public Public


The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.

Author — adam davis


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Omg I don't know what to It didn't even effect me but this is so horrible to think if the lives lost and ruined i feel like I should be doing something to help but I can't....

Author — Crafty cats