DARPA - robots and technologies for the future management of advanced US research

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DARPA: robots and technologies for the future management of advanced US research. DARPA military robots. DARPA battle robots. Military technologies DARPA. Battle robots of the future. Technologies of the future in the US Army.

0:00 Introduction
0:59 DARPA mission
1:31 Project ARPANET
2:12 First "smart machine" or robot
3:15 The first self-driving vehicles and the first Boston Dynamics robot
3:47 DARPA robot racing
4:24 First Boston Dynamics Big Dog four-legged robot
5:15 Energy Autonomous Tactical Robot Program
5:33 Engineering Living Materials Program
5:57 Spy Beetles - Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
6:45 Robot Worm - Project Underminer
7:11 DARPA - The Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies
7:51 Robotic pilots with artificial intelligence
8:28 Artificial Intelligence Combat Air System - Air Combat Evolution
9:11 UNcrewed Long Range Ships - Sea Train
10:03 DARPA creates an intelligent robot swarm
10:44 Project OFFSET
11:10 Project Squad X
11:50 Battle of human robots on DARPA Robotics Challenge

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, abbreviated DARPA, or the Office of Advanced Research Projects of the U.S. Department of Defense, was established in 1958, almost immediately after the launch of the USSR Sputnik-1. The realization that the Soviets were about to launch into space not only satellites, but also missiles, greatly cheered up the government of the United States. The result was the creation of a unique agency with a huge budget, which could be spent at its own discretion. Watch a selection of the most unexpected, strange and advanced projects in the field of technology and artificial intelligence DARPA in one video!

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Thumb down for deceiving me into thinking ED209 was in the video :(

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anyone here because ED-209 in the thumbnail?

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Fake thumpnails are disapointing, sorry

Author — TheNidusPrime


This video gets a thumbs down simply for the misleading thumbnail...

Author — Mark Perry


It's just the beginning of the end... We're doomed boys

Author — Faquir Md Iqbal


Meanwhile Japan builds a mobile suit in Yokohoma..

Author — Radix WP


I feel like we're entering the space age and things are gonna change big time.

Author — Alex Park Official


"Quickly create tunnels when fighting in cities and mega cities " ?
Darpa knows the future too ..

Author — peregrinegrace


Pfff clickbait with that mechsuit. Please link the timecode if it's actually in there, I didn't finish watching the video.

Author — Kelly Wilkinson


This all smells a lot like horizon zero dawn

Author — Marko Jesic


A bee randomly stung me in the side of my neck yesterday. After watching this, I can't help but think of what DARPA could use those flying insects for in the battlefield.

Author — Keila Bolen


We will have flying cars and robots in the future
Now: 11:10

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Because we all remember how good RoboCop two turned out, Keep up the sky net fight bro's

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I swear we’re getting closer and closer to metal gear solid each day lmao

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thumbs down for scamming me into clicking this video

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As horrifying as it is I’m disappointed I didn’t see the killer thumbnail robot

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And in the next episode we introduce the T-800 by skynet...

Author — Slashy Chang


6:37 so DARPA thinks we are heading toward mega cities. Interesting. Next they will be developing the law giver. Because Dredd needs one to patrol mega city right

Author — Krt Campbell


This video was a travesty. I skimmed all the subjects and there's nothing new here. It's all 5 years old tech at the newest!

Author — Thane Greyhaven


Just create short circuits against them when there coming for you.!

Author — MOSThumansare Shit