Finances in Marriage | Couch Conversations | S1 E4

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Are finances a problem in your marriage? Devale Ellis and Khadeen Ellis talk MONEY with two new couples and dig deep into money challenges married couples face when managing finances together.



#Black Families

Recorded in 2018

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In MY marriage we have our own personal spending account and A joint spending/ savings account. Being married does not take away individuality

Author — tor enee


Can somebody please eat some apple and some popcorn on that table.

Author — Damaris Muga


23:04 the lesbian couple like “we don’t have them ‘men’ problems 👀’l 🤣

Author — Nora Peace


THIS part: "As men we're always trying to figure out the best way to deliver information so that our wives don't take it the wrong way." HOW and WHEN you say are just as important as WHAT you say.

Author — Sheila L. Davis


"MAKIN money without MANAGING money leaves you with NO said.

Author — dana arnold


Y'all all (on the couch and in the comments) need Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) or something like it!! Save your stress and your marriage ahead of time!!🤑

Author — teach daley


That girl on the right is a Hilary. "Daddy, I need 300 dollars"

Author — Tanhim Murshid


Its crazy how the opposite money patterns attract.

Author — Corina Pierce


This was SUCH a good conversation. I just loved the energy everyone brought and I love this channel in general!❤️❤️

Author — Sasha Nauleen


Devale "You don't even look at the price?!"

Author — Domenique Chery


22:00 "Is this your spirit animal, expensive" Yo he had me dying when he said that

Author — PandaWarrior218 _


Great show! I think it would have been also beneficial if you had a couple thats been married 15 year plus. Thanks again!

Author — Esther Thomas


"How do you go to the grocery store and spend over 200 dollars without meat?" omggg that's me all the time #vegetarian lol

Author — L .Spivery


Dear Black Love Team, thank you so much for creating this series. I am having a difficult day today. I have lost my job, I am anxious, and I am worried about my future.
It was nice to listen to the couples. I love that they tackle serious issues, and can do so with laughter.
Please keep this up. Thank you for including different kinds of relationships among your guests. The hosts are wonderful, and they interact well with the guests. I also love how they are with each other (the hosts). Everyone looks so comfortable.

Author — sylvie Tapos


I’m devale let’s “invite the 5 ppl we like “ 🤣🤣

Author — Fancy Pants


This is excellent. Black folks/people of color can be uncomfortable discussing money but it's very important. Now that I'm over 40. I have to know a guy's financial situation. I've been in relationships where the guys didn't have much and I stepped up during most of the relationship but at this stage in my life I'm not willing to be the bread winner but I can be a HELP mate.

Author — T.J. Ellington


I find this so interesting. I have the same situation. My partner was taken care of by his family all his life. He never had to manage his finances and lived at home until we moved in together. I however, grew up poor. I always had to take care of myself and had experience living on my own. I seem to be the person controlling the finances to make sure bills are paid and we have savings. He had to come to terms with his finances and his spending habits. He realized how much he was being covered by his family. It's nice seeing couples who grew up in different financial backgrounds and how they deal with it.

Author — myvampireillusion


Been married 22 years and two boys... My husband is in banking for 20+ and I’m a IT project manager, but I run our finances because I’m the saver and think 🤔 of the future Always. My hubbie is right now

Author — Sarita MooreBansa


I really enjoyed this session. I loved the fact that I was able to laugh while learning at the same time. Talking about Finances should be a topic that is NORMALIZED in our culture and this session absolutely did that. It was spot on!! Great job team! #couchconversations #blacklove

Author — Alafea Dean


This was fun to watch! We just filmed an episode about managing finances, especially as a couple who met when we were already grown and set in our ways. We loved that yall took what can be a really heavy topic and brought some levity to it.

Author — Browne Family Builders