America trying to 'rule the world', says Russian spy chief - BBC News

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The head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has told the BBC that America has been trying to "rule the world" and this could lead to "disaster”.

In an exclusive interview, Sergei Naryshkin also said that Russia doesn’t trust what the British government says about the Salisbury poisonings.

Russia’s spy chief, who was talking to the BBC's Steve Rosenberg on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two, claimed people in the West forget about Russia’s contribution to the defeat of Nazism.

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The banksters are behind it all.
'All wars are bankers wars'

Author — Albert Pike


The true what he is saying. These liberal western country think they can rule the world 😂😂

Author — Ryan lex


Bond Movie Script Notes: Final Scene:
Villain: "What makes you think I'm a Russian spy chief Mr Bond?"
Bond: "I watch BBC News."

Author — g mix


Well who ever is running the show now has screwed everything up!

Author — George Klauss


“Unity is never my problem. Division is my achievement”

Author — TxNb3TnD


Let's say Trump has failed to rule the world, everyone's happy?

Author — Face the wind


Странно, говорит интонаций Путина😎
Есть подозрения, что все они в сговоре...а это игра на народ

Author — Ирина Магнолия


Russia : Hey, look over there! We're safe here.

Author — игорь89


Что, западные интервьюеры с первого раза не понимают?

Author — Sergey


And nothing about China’s antics and naked lust for dominance in the world...?! Time to strip the British Bolshevik Corporation of our money. It won’t happen a day too soon.

Author — L KS


Maybe Russians and Russia's Foreign Intelligence, should be interested more in the new Stalin ( Putin ) ?

Author — Greg K.


Reupload Lol they edited in him saying james bond isnt good near the start it wasnt on the previous upload. Embarrassing

Author — jeff


Shameless propaganda channel, they can’t even translate what he is saying wholly and corretly. Shame on you.

Author — F U


As Tears for Fears said: everybody wants to rule the world😤

Author — G Chou


The battle of Stalingrad. That's all you need to know.

Author — J Stasiak


'About Salisbury...'
'I'm sorry- I have no more time.'

Author — Jessi Taran


that make up session is not needed to put at this video

Author — nusa antara


Appreciate BBC willing to present more world perspective than the single western narrative. Understanding will ease tensions and foster world peace. 👍

Author — AnotherPerspective


Rule the world lol. We have a joke running the country. Were focused on fixing us right now.

Author — Paul Green


Nah don’t come trying to ally now, S-A-L-I-S-B-U-R-Y

Author — Reverend RunBad