Money Stories: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Collab

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Money Stories: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Collab5
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1 Best money decision I ever made?
2. Worst money decision I ever made?
3. Most embarrassing money decision?
4. Most expensive/stupid thing I ever purchased?
5. Once I was so broke I….

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Your wedding pictures were so beautiful!! I would love to hear Jerod's answers to the questions. I hope when we retire that we are in a position to be as generous as your grandfather! Don't let it weigh too heavy on your heart, I'm sure it brings him great joy to be able to help you even if you don't technically 'need' it.

Author — Family Days


Great video Jessica! I loved seeing your beautiful wedding photos.

Author — Our Family of Four


Your wedding pictures are beautiful! :-) thanks for sharing answers I can't wait to hear Jarod's answers. I think you as young as you both are you are both very wise. :-)

Author — Susan Growden


Borrowing from family never feels good. It sounds though like this debt was forgiven and you should accept it. You are honoring him by doing what he asked.

Author — Living Weird Esther C


I love the simple wedding ring thing! I'm not a huge jewellery person so I asked to not even get an engagement ring

Author — Freckle Finance


Wow.  That is the nicest wedding book I have ever seen.

Author — Ms Stenofairy


You and I are the same in so many ways when it comes to money and life, great video. Loved the wedding book! Its also nice to have a grandpa who is always wanting to give you money, haha. I understand you not wanting to accept it, but its sweet that he cares enough about his family to want to give money!

Author — The Former Mrs Jones


Thank you for sharing your wedding photos, they were so nice! I wish I would have done something like that with my wedding photos! My stupidest money decision was taking out a consolidation loan when we had too much debt and then running the cards up again. Worst. Thing. Ever. We were very young and dumb and it was a hard lesson to learn. It took us years to dig ourselves out from under that boulder. Ugh! I wish I could stop everyone from doing something like that....or if you do it, cancel the other cards so that you can't use them again!

Author — thereaderbug


Great wedding photos!! Stupidest thing I spent money on... A $1000 bottle of Grey Goose Vodka when we were in Vegas. I was so broke... When I was in University I would turn a .25 package of noodles into two meals. I'd eat the noodles for one meal and then use the soup base for soup as another meal.

Author — Our Life... On A Budget


Great video! But don't be so hard on yourself :) My dad is just like your grandpa. A couple of years ago he inherited 1/3  his parents estate. My grandparents were on the Dave plan and didn't know it! They lived very modestly and retired millionaires. They traveled and enjoyed the money before they passed. Now, my dad is constantly offering to take me shopping (especially Costco). I recently declined a trip and said I was starting to feel like a charity case (we can afford food, but of course it eases the budget when he buys). My point is what he said back to me. He said "you shouldn't feel like a charity case, you should feel like a daughter" meaning that parents (and grandparents!) want to take care of the younger crowd. Everyone is always saying that they think it would be amazing to just give money away, to help someone who needs it. WELL, someone has to be on the receiving  end as well for that to work! Within reason, swallow your pride and let him have that great feeling of giving. I think as long as you are not purposely taking advantage of him, its ok. I am VERY clear with my dad that I really appreciate the food but that we wouldn't starve if he decides not to take me.

Author — Noelle Irvine