Turkey's Largest Mosque | Çamlıca Mosque & Çamlıca Hill

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Turkey's Largest Mosque | Çamlıca Mosque & Çamlıca Hill

In this video we will show you other options of what to visit in Istanbul besides the most visited attractions in the city.

The Camlica mosque is the largest mosque in Turkey and Istanbul. In this video we´ll show you how to go to Camlica mosque easy and quick. As well, you´ll get to see the Camlica mosque inside and have a general idea of it.

This is the newst attraction in Istanbul and is considered as the biggest mosque in Istanbul.

As well, there is another interesting place with amazing views to visit right after the mosque and that is called the Camlica hill.

Camlica mosque address:

Camlica hill:


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"If they say "you have your last chance to look at the world", I wish that look would from Çamlica of Istanbul." - Alphonse de Lamartine, French writer, poet and politician.

Author — Elisha Rania Suleiman


You speak perfect English...
English vlogs from local people are most helpful..
keep it up..

Author — sun-star1


Stunning places! With your videos we’ve realized there are many places to visit in Istanbul and that we need more than a week to see most of them.

Author — Orby K


I came to this ability stunning mosque a few days ago ..I was shocked at how beautiful it is .definetly worth visiting. One of most biggest mosques I've ever visited, I promise you, you will love it

Author — Sai Ali


Stunning! Wow, just stunning! This place is unreal! I want to go to there! :)

Author — Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel


Thank you for your videos, I was there a year ago and miss it!

Author — Stephan Maritz


Nearly at 1000 subscribers. Keep up the good work.

I'll be in Istanbul in two weeks and hope to check out the places in your videos in person.


Author — thebestrc


Thank you for your directions to get to Camilica mosque, which I found very helpful to find the mosque during my stay in Istanbul.

Author — Mohamed Mohideen


Me encanta como haces tus videos!!!! Se ven super profesionales!!!

Yo sigo muriendo de ganas de conocer Turquía!!

Author — Pamelas und Thomas Welt


You should increase the frequency of posting videos.

Author — Muhammad kashif aslam


Es impresionante ese lugar, que barbaridad!

Author — Ana Maria Rodarte


Which equipment are you using in VLOGs

Author — Aamir Ali


Encantada de verla en persona... de nuevo voy en Enero. Quede enamorada de cada centímetro de Estambul y justo no tuve tiempo de ir a Çamlica por no saber como llegar.

Author — Isabella Rodriguez


Gracias gracias y más gracias Bery!!! excelente como siempre...concreta y clara!! Estaba esperando este video... este es uno de los lugares que quiero visitar en mi próximo viaje. Edificación imponente. Supongo que Mimar también habrá enfrentado controversias y cuestionamientos en su época...El tiempo siempre se encarga de dar vistas son magníficas....Sigo tomando nota para armar el recorrido por Estambul... creo que voy a necesitar varios viajes más para disfrutar tanta belleza.. Abrazo enorme!!!

Author — Alicia Zgainer


Awesome video
Keep making awesome videos like this.

Author — My Best Vlogs


What is the name of the park?
Is it çamlica hill?

Author — Coespaltziuatl


Can we walk from mosque to the hill or we have to take minibus/taxy? Is it far away?

Author — Drima1405


Is it worth visiting?
Hi Bery, llegaremos a Estambul este lunes 25 de noviembre. Mi esposa y yo hubieramos querido conocerte pero seguramente tu no puedes. Tienes WhatsApp or LINE?

Author — Dario Castellanos


What is the name of this park? From where to take mini bus to go there?

Author — Fayaz Rub


May I ask if the taksim mosque is ready?

Author — J Juls