At least 6 dead in massive I-35 wreck in Fort Worth, Texas

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i live in Fort Worth very near this. icy roads are always so dangerous here as people aren't accustomed to driving on it. and they shouldn't even be out. BUT when it does ice, bridges are pre-treated with sand/salt, whatever they use to combat ice. always, the bridges are pre-treated before ice storms hit. this bridge was NOT treated, the crash occurred at the bottom of a blind hill, AND, therefore, the way leading directing into the pile-up was downhill, making the speeds of the vehicles increase uncontrollably. i just drove by it. it is a complete blindspot right before where the pile-up occurred. so many factors aligning led to this... not to mention the concrete walls on either side trapping in the vehicles, and the roads were ice-free leading up to this spot

Author — Megan Rust


Those shots of semi trucks smashing into vehicles, that's someone dying.

Author — ffej kk


My heart hurts. I’m so sorry for the people involved and their family and friends 💔

Author — Christina Smith


The way that truck flipped 😳 I can’t even imagine what these people went through even making it out can scar you for life. Rest In Peace to those six people who didn’t make it :/

Author — Mel 21


I can promise one thing. 10 minutes after the the road is cleared, cars will drive close again.

Author — Sven Larsson


This is one of my worst fears especially when someone is tailgating.

Author — Anna P


It’s pretty scary watching the cars get crushed by a giant semi truck, the force that they must’ve been hit with. The northern states have learned to pretreat roads and pay attention to weather forecasts. Too many people die in traffic accidents every year, innocent souls who never expected things to come to this, bless their families and bring healing. Take things easy on the highways, don’t rush.

Author — Zeli Lee


I could just imagine the fear what everyone went through

Author — Styish Patrick Star


This is so scary when theirs a big crash on a highway that 100 thousand plus people travel on a day

Author — Lucid Ranger


I feel so bad for the families who have lost a loved one. it just hurts so bad

Author — MapleTail


I almost lost my life also today with my husband at Killeen in Austin Texas too.please drive safe these days or stay home

Author — anastasie nnomo official


This looks like something out of GTA.

RIP To all the people who died in this horrible accident

Author — Niko Bellic


The idea that somebody could be the seeing the glimpse of one of their loved ones vehicles at the time of impact is heart wrenching to me 😢 I can only imagine how hard this would be without the graphic imagery on top of all this

Author — fox4ab


I almost wish it was possible for trucks to have their own highway, and cars, another. I know there would still be crashes, but if those semis hit you, well, this is what happens. Heartbreaking beyond belief. 💔

Author — HolyLand Fan


This is the scariest thing I have ever seen. God bless everyone involved....

Author — Wesley Nysm


Even if some of the drivers had control of their vehicles, the way the highway is walled up on both sides, there was no where to go to get out of a crash.

Author — P C


I’m from New England when roads are icy highways are closed the city/state should have closed the highways this is crazy and sad ! A huge lawsuit

Author — Ka Sun


I can’t imagine being in my car after having crashed and then see a huge tractor trailer skidding in the rear view mirror. I know most bridges say “bridges ice before roads” but if that’s not weather conditions you’re used to, you still wouldn’t know what to do if you DID hit a patch of ice. My heart goes out to all these people hurt in the wreck and the families of the ones who didn’t make it.

Author — yuboseyo


Oh my goodness.... my heart hurts just seeing this. All my love to those affected by this. 💖

Author — M. Happy


They should install emergency light and sound beacons on highways that alert of major accidents...

Author — gabealexander88