Stone on his indictment: This is about silencing me, criminalizing political expression

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Former Trump aide Roger Stone is accused of false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering and speaks out about these charges and his arrest on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

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oh but these ppl including hillary and comey can lie to congress but no raid on them?

Author — Injustice Served


Sad how the criminals are the "innocent" and the whistleblowers are the "criminals".

Author — Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117


We still remember that Hillary lied, Comey lied, Clapper lied, and the list goes on. Yet they still walk free.

Author — Torrence Monroe


Roger Stone has been in politics for decades...he's met Richard Nixon, JFK, Ronald Reagan, and knows the real story behind JFK assassination. He's being targeted because he's an enemy of the deep state.
Julian Assange made it public that he had dirt on Hillary Clinton. Because Stone and Corsi talked about it, and wanted to see evidence of it, doesn't make them criminals, but rather journalists who need hard evidence to prove a case is real.

Author — Susanna Donovan


Is Rodger stone communicating in Morse code with his eyes?

Author — Dude Guy


Roger’s only crime was being Roger Stone.

Author — JJoe


imagine being exposed for corruption and convincing the public the person who exposed you is the bad guy...

Author — Leo


Ok, time for the FBI and do their job and S.W.A.T Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and james clapper!!

Author — SupaNami


I just donated to the Roger Stone legal defense fund and I hope more people will follow.

Author — Ray Rojas


Hey, American Patriot. Your Federal Bureau of Investigation is controlled by literal, leftest, communtist, socialists. This not a joke. This is real.



How the HELL did CNN know Stone was going to be arrested? Who alerted them? Another LEAK from the FBI? Seems like the FBI doesn't care about the truth but is more interested in being an arm of the deep state.

Author — Robert Palmore


Stand firm Mr Stone! We know this is bs another action from deep state to ruin Trumps progress!!! 🇺🇸

Author — lauranodrama


I used think the FBI was an honorable institution.
Now I see them as the storm troopers doing the bidding of the neo con/neo liberal globalist who are threatened by a patriot like Trump. To run up on Roger Stone like he was some drug king pin with machine guns, police boats on the canal, and helicopters is freaking outrageous. But for the FBI to have CNN there to capture their gestapo actions just sickens me. It shows how the corporate media and the military industrial complex work hand in hand.

Author — James Martinez


Shocking...another arrest of someone who has done nothing while the actual criminals remain free.

Author — TkUSA 1776


Mueller and the FBI are the 4th Reich committing crime with impunity against the American people.

Author — ZoTv


What a sham!! Fbi shows up with full tac gear and Cnn is there in the wee hours of the morning filming it. The list of charges? All country club type arrests. Sad!

Author — tcnascar1


9:36 “As you know, I had to cancel my life insurance because I can’t afford the premiums.”

You’re 66. Medicare is your obvious play here. Inveterate liar for 41 years.

Author — MLP88


Why would the FBI raid the dude's house like that? And who told CNN to be there? Insane.

Author — Charles Lumia


I think discovery will be a legal way to introduce evidence which will be damaging to people other than Stone.

Author — connj67


Stone will prevail, he always does...well done Tucker. Thanks.

Author — Peter Myers