What does Roger Stone's arrest mean for the Russia investigation?

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What does Roger Stone's arrest mean for the Russia investigation?4
The former longtime political adviser to President Trump is indicted on charges of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering in the Mueller probe.

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“I have no insight into these particular charges.”

Oh ok, good. End of relevant info. Thanks Fox...

Author — Wade Wojcik


Leave it to Fox News to bring someone on to analyze Roger Stone being arrested and the conclusion at the end of the segment is Hillary should be jail and Muellers investigation is an attack on Donald Trump.

Author — daniel wise


What did they lie and cover-up??? Trump Jr, Manafort, and Kushner met with who they understood to be a Russian government lawyer for the purpose of getting dirt on Clinton. We know this because it was in Jr's e-mail. We also know they lied about the existence of the meeting, then about the subject of the meeting and finally, what Trump knew about the meeting. That's just for starters.

Author — Andrew Weinstein


Lock em up...they have been stealing money from US by tax fraud

Author — Geb Old


Roger Stone was just a coffee boy anyways....nothing to here along....lol....fake news....witch hunt...deep state....yada yada....

Author — Ed Bear


I bet all these charges all are coming from squeezing and threatening people with jail time. remember, the FBI essentially used sources that sourced Russians. who gave 20% of USA urainium rights to Russia. They are traitors and are using the media to lie to me he masses. Traitors .

Author — Jason Bradley


This is exactly why I dont like Qanon, Q tells us Mueller is working for Trump and pacifies a large portion of TRUMP's base with FANFICTION (Telling us what we want to hear, the illusion of justice)

Author — She's my President


But but what about Hillary...we need a 14th investigation into Benghazi more!

Author — Ed Bear


If anyone has any lingering doubts, the people that really control this country have shown us no matter who we elect, they will do everything necessary to maintain that control.

Author — Crabby Hayes


Another trumpee arrested and headed to prison today. Roger Stone goes down.

So many witches!

Thanks Mueller!

Author — Dom Tor


I'm starting to feel sorry for Fox! NOT! Specially Tucker and Pirro - "THE OBNOXIOUS"

Author — joseane silva reis


Analysis, Mr. Henry? 😶 That? 😶

What’s so analytical about a fit of histrionics 💥

Author — Lincoln Lloyd Redley


cia, fbi, nsa, cps, atf, blm(bureau of land management) all need to be defunded and shut down!!!
If those criminal entities are not working for the betterment of u.s citizens then they are working against us!!!
The corruption will just continue to worsen!

Author — red dwarf


I always come to the fox news comments section when I want to get a good laugh out of my day lol.

Author — Omar Ronzon


How nice that CNN was (conveniently) in the neighborhood at 6 am! What an uncanny coincidence, wasn't it? Interestingly the alleged "hindering more and more investigative work" due to the Government Shutdown seemed to not have hindered this operation. On January 10 the Washington Post published an article where "A group representing FBI agents warned Thursday that the partial government shutdown is threatening national security as thousands of federal law enforcement professionals, working without pay, grow anxious that personal financial hardships may jeopardize their security clearances and as furloughs of their support staffs slow investigations." Mmmm... Doesn't seem to have slowed this specific one... But again, this dangerous, well-known criminal as Mr. Stone is obviously excused this theatrical arrest! Of course this dangerous arch-criminal could not have been taken by two FBI agents in suits, who could have knocked on the door and showed him a warrant for his arrest, then stepped inside while he gathered his personal things (clothes, jacket, wallet, etc.). No, a dangerous criminal such as Roger Stone needed all the fanfare--all covered by a CNN crew that was (coincidentally, bien sure!) at hand in the neighborhood at SIX AM!

Author — Eu Sei


I'm sure the obvious bias against Trump, shown by all the highest ranking FBI officials had nothing to do with this right??? FBI is corrupt as Hillary them all and put them in jail already

Author — Hugh Jaynuss


Triggered Conservatives in the comments

Have fun! 😅

Author — Karlos Jeffers


Furloughed FBI agents volunteered to arrest Roger. How sweet, those guys working for no pay to protect the country

Author — M Elliott


Now the FBI makes criminals out of people who gather information on the criminals? The criminals run loose and go on vacations.

Author — RS1


Witch hunt very successful - they've almost bagged their limit.

Author — Robert Quesinberry