Ann Coulter: The Coulter Veto | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Ann Coulter: The Coulter Veto | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)4

Political commentator and "Resistance is Futile" author Ann Coulter joins Bill to discuss how Trump's base feels about their man.

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But if Ann Coulter is here, who is scaring off the crows from our crops?

Author — Juventus Belko


hate her all you want but I think she looks good at 98

Author — L F


Coulter: (makes credible argument)
Bill: Well ya know... Orange man bad

Author — moe johnson


love how the minute Coulter says'Russia is less corrupt than Saudi Arabia', Bill stammers, then changes subject entirely to Venezuela.

Author — skbfilm


The Russia hyperbole bit of this video didn’t age very well for Maher, did it?

Author — Alan McBride


Honestly, big props to Maher for actually having people on the show that don't simply parrot the same narrative heard on pretty much any other late night show

Author — Alex Hawkenbery


Wow. She said the truth and Bill absolutely tried to change the conversation. People, listen to what she said. They are all lying to you.

Author — Oscar H.


They're friends. And they have been for awhile. That says everything you need to say about whether or not you can have friends with whom you disagree.

Author — Paul Froelich


what a cool woman, nothing gets through her skin

Author — The Equalizer


Props to Ann Coulter for coming on and props to Bill for putting her there.

Author — jimbowred1983


I'm mixed-Latino from Mexican illegal immigrants and I live in California and even I admit: Build the damn wall already!

Author — D Dixon


Ann Coulter is awesome, and I love the friendship that she has with Bill Maher. Thanks for a great political debate!

Author — mackay10


It's wonderful to see these two highly intelligent americans, on opposite sides of the formal political divide, laughing at each others jokes whilst having an argument, rather than taking offence.

Both Coulter and Maher can take what they dish out, and so their friendship and love of each other can survive an honest and fierce application of reason to facts, in search of truth. Without the goodwill and fellowship, the choice to laugh instead of take offence, the application of reason to facts cannot endure, and the argument turns to war. In war, truth is put to death by all parties. Therefore it follows that we must respect and emulate this conduct, from both Coulter and Maher, or we shall all end up living in the ruins of their world.

Author — Toby Stewart


Hate to admit it, but she makes some good points.

Author — Rebecca Bunch


Hey, Bill. You should invite Kyle Kulinski onto the show. He's the guy that your token conservative friend, Ann Coulter, chickened out of a debate against at Politicon 2018.

Author — Stevie


"I'm against women working so I can't!" :'D

Author — imBATMAN


I love trump and I love Ann Coulter, I think Maher is a total buffoon on policy, he totally lost this argument, gotta admit he's a funny dude

Author — Vengeance


she was so right, the dems have been waisting time with Russia collusion...and it seems its not about to stop anytime soon.

Author — Tshepo Marumo


Well, here we are in March 2019. Is the left getting tired of ending up wrong?

Author — Joshua Brown


Trump hires illegal immigrants to work at his properties all the time. Stop acting like he is a regular Joe. He is an elitist just like what you accuse the left of!

Author — Marc Cooper