Italian Music - Background Chill Out

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Relaxing Italian Instrumental Music

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Author — Buddha's Lounge


Ciao from Italy! If you're reading this, I wish you a good day!

Author — Giulia


I just ate a microwave pizza to this and I felt like I was in Naples.

Author — Jon M


My Italian Nonna died 5 years ago today, and I've decided to start a tradition to cook a meal like she did in remembrance. I thought I'd play this music to liven up my mom and I cooking, it worked. It was a great way to honour my late Nonna and celebrate our Italian heritage with great music. Thank you

Author — Julia Bee


Добрый вечер! Спасибо за прекрасную итальянскую музыку! 💕💕💕

Author — светлана рацевич


O mais curioso pra mim, é que essas músicas são extremamente familiares. Parece que estou escutando música brasileira. 'Sertanejo', especialmente. :D

Author — The Hex Factor


As an Italian, i want to say to everyone here, thanks
Thanks for saying good things about my country :)

Author — 「Matghast55」


We’re eating Olive Garden in a quarantined Oregon in the parking lot of Michaels and we wanna thank Italy for the beautiful music!

Author — Mike Galo


My daughter sent me this to listen to. She said her and her teen son were making homemade pizza and started dancing around the kitchen putting everyone in a jovial mood. 🧑‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳🍕

Author — Deanna Clayton


As an Italian, I am so flattered! Thank you guys for all the love you share for our country! Looking forward to seeing tourists walking around our beauties back again! We miss you so much...

Author — Marta Francescone


I'm Italian, I was listening to this music to relax while studying and then I found the comments...those feelings :(

Author — euridices


Having a date with myself during this quarantine and using this music as a background! it's just perfect!!! <3

Author — Denise Mendoza


When I heard the Godfather theme, I almost choked!

Author — Lulu’s Condo


Me and my wife love Italy. We've been there lots of time. We visited every edge of this beatiful country. Amalfi coast, Rome, Naples, Capri, St.Margharita, Portofino ect. Lovely places that you feel in peace. Love Italians. I love this saying in Italy, one of old man teach me " Fritto il Pesce, aperti di cosce, tutto va bene. Search in Google what it means.

much love from Turkey🇹🇷

Author — Emir Cevahiroglu


I swear I was Italian in a past life because as soon as I started this video I started smiling

Author — V.V


What great music!
I really felt myself walking in the streets of Italy
I love Italy🥰 someday I will visit it!!

Author — Samira Hmani


Ciao from Russia! I'm learning Italian because it's such a beautiful language. I wish I could visit Italy one day! Have a good day everyone :)

Author — Амина Курбанова


I am an Indian living in London but I dont know why I always have strong emotional relationships with Italians. I have only 3 friends here and all of them are Italians.. No Indians even .hehehe. I think there is some sort of Italy residing inside my heart. Even I had a Vespa scooter back in my Engineering days in India. Love Italia...

Author — Sahil Sambyal


Never been to Italy. Just in past few years. Italian music food and culture have been growing on me. I stumbled upon this you tub site. Just listening to the sound makes me want to go so bad to Italy and experience the the entire culture. Hopefully in 2021 i will be there. .

Author — Fred Salazar


My wife and i are from Brasil and we live in Austria.
Every time she cooks something Italian I put this background music and we eat like bosses! haha.

So nice...

Author — Eduardo Salvato